Shame on you, Kemper!

  • I just purchased KPA-Rack and I’m really impressed with the Sound. It is simple THE BEST from everything else on the market. The sound really impressed me! I’ve been AxeFx-Ultra user and quit from it years ago because the sound was terrible and PresetManager was even worst (written in Java :) always bugs,bugs,bugs )

    But, something definitely wrong with KPA also( OperatingSystem=2.4.0 + RigManager=1.0.50):
    I can accept only 44k sample rate master clock via SPDIF. I can survive without 48k. But:

    1. Startup/load time = ridicules! What is wrong with motherboard/system???

    2. What to hell is wrong with usb?
    a. Such a slow speed: if you have 400 profiles it takes 15 minutes to startup RigManager!!!!!!
    b. Backup presets via front USB takes ages! Something about 2Mb of rigs in total size, takes 15 minutes to record to USB. The speed is almost = 1 Kb/sec :)
    c. No sound via USB = shame on you, boys. I think this is because of a very slow controller.

    3. NET port on the backside = ??? why??? :)

    4. RigManager = ridicules:
    a. So limited functionality.
    b. Full of small bugs (do you wona list? Start from searching and tagging), which drives me creasy.

    Is it 2014 now or 1994 computer era??? Shame on you, boys. KPA already number of years on the market…Have a look at your colleagues from Behringer.

    Hope to see new (I mean new) RigManager. I do not care of its Internet sharing options, if the manager is so limited and buggy by itself… But anyway, thank you for the sound...

  • Hi Ikslim

    Rig manager works fine here and for many people on this forum aswell. The KPA are actively ironing out the bugs which are very few from my end at the mo. They have also incorporated lots of user requests which I think is great.

    As for the KPA taking ages to load this is dependant on the amount of rigs you have on it, how many do you have ???

    RM starts up nearly instantly on my PC maybe you should do a reinstall ??

    NET port on the back is for the up and coming foot controller .

    Maybe you should start a support ticket with Kemper due to all your problems they will defo help you out :)

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  • Well, I work with music, sound equipment and computers more then 10 years as a programmer. For my music tasks I always keep two separate clean computers with clean/fresh OS (never connected to internet). No office software, no email, no browsers, no games… Thus, all my music related equipment always works fast and reliable via USB and MIDI: Eventide DSP, TC (lots of units), Torpedo, Rocktrons (lots of very old units), VOX-amps (couple of units), Behringer (more then 10 rack and stomp units)…

    Before to post here, I refreshed OS from clean image and installed fresh RigManager. Now I keep only 50 rigs in KPA. It helps a little bit to speed up KPA boot up (but still unacceptable slow), and speeds up dramatically RigManager start/syncing.

    I can live with 50 Rigs in KPA, it is acceptable. But there is definitely an issue with KPA. I think the problem somewhere between the motherboard and memory controller, because ALL KPA boots up very long. This is known issue with KPA.
    Arguing with preset numbers and size: 400 rigs = only 2Mb total. Any controller transfers this amount of data from internal memory to processor RAM faster then a second.

    For comparison:
    15 years old Eventide DSP7500 (with 1000presets in memory) boots up 5 times faster….
    10 years old TC.FireWorx (with 500presets in memory) boots up 5 seconds.
    20 years old Rocktrons (USAmade) boots up 4 seconds.

    I hope this issue will be fixed in future releases of hardware, but Fully-Functional RigManager will be appreciated much more. Again, Kemper, thank you for the sound, with the hope to see NEW RigManager.

  • I have around 600 profiles on my KPA and it boots up in around 30 seconds. I defo think there is an issue with your KPA

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  • I have around 600 profiles on my KPA and it boots up in around 30 seconds. I defo think there is an issue with your KPA

    I appreciate if you could publish short video fragment = boot stage of your unit, in order to compare it with mine unit.

  • So it contains heaps of amazing sounding guitar amps and is better than the Axe FX (for you) ... but it takes a while to start up/load things?

    1. Carry 800 amps into a room yourself
    2. Plug them in
    3. Move the mic between each one as you test them
    4. Note the time taken.

    Shame on you Christoph!

  • I don't get the boot time issue. I can and do wait patiently for a minute or two for my tube amps to "boot" all the time. :)

    While it does not personally bother me, I could see it being a problem if you are playing live without a battery backup and there was enough of a power outage to turn the KPA off and you had to wait to boot up.

  • My first post here so, Hi all!

    Just got 2 Kemper toasters last week. A non powered one for home and a powered one for my recording studio and I'm loving them!

    These are my first impressions about the Kemper.

    The load times really seems quite reasonable to me. I turn it on and pretty much leave it on all day.

    To compare Kemper to a Behringer or Eventide really isn't fair. How many programmers do you think those big companies have to work on their software compared to Kemper?
    It seems they have, in general, put their priorities in the right order. The main ones being the sound and playability which are friggin' amazing. It is the first box I have used that plays and FEELS like an amp.

    Also the user interface is one of the most intuitive I have worked with in a standalone box. A very good job on essentially a V1 box.

    I'm a Mac user so I don't have a librarian at all yet but, again the sound is so good. I'll bide my time 'till it's released.

    Does it have room for improvement. Absolutely but shame on them? Nah. My guess is that they are just a few guys working really hard to put out an amazing product.

    Thanks for the great forum!


  • @ OP: you really should learn to introduce yourself properly and how to politely communicate your issues before receiving help.
    Instead you step into the forum vomiting.

    Well said Ingolf...

    It really doesn't matter how much IT experience you have.. clearly, your technology communications experience could use a bit of tending. I understand that you may have had a perception of what may be considered to be a standard and your Kemper boot time doesn't fall within your expected minimums, but then hey.. for now, it is what it is. I plan my activities around it's boot time; so it goes on first... as I boot up the rest of the studio, if it's a busy week, I leave it on along with the console and other computers. As others have said, if you're booting a tube amp, you'd wait much longer for the tubes to warm up. (and it's been difficult for me to think of it as a computer.... it feels much more like an amp.. with an amazing tone range.)

    I don't get what's the big deal about the USB port needing to be on the front? Yup, it's a little bit inconvenient to have to walk around to access the ports in the back but for no more than I use it.... no biggie.

    I've had my assessments about Rig Manager as others but it provides interactive librarian functions that are useful.. fortunately you purchased your profiler after it was released... many of us have lived without it for some time, in need, and now very happy to have the functions it provides. It's in Rev 1... I'm sure you got that... and know rev 1's will be much more capable in rev 2 and so on.. it's just time.

    It's fantastic that you like the sound of the profiler... that's something that everyone here agrees on... it's just amazing how it works and fantastic that the Kemper users and Kemper team communicate very well together. It's a fine little community here.. If you decide to keep the profiler I'm sure you'll enjoy the correspondence, collaboration and support.

    Welcome ... We're happy to have you here and contributing.

    Gettin' funky up in here..

  • mine takes about 60 seconds to load for 714 profiles...and, I agree with one of the other posters, a tube amp will need some time to warm up too unless you like to invest in tubes more often...

    as for the other issues, perhaps you should backup, purge and factory reset and load your rigs again

    and for any product in general, once it is released it is a constant work in progress, otherwise, no one would release anything if it wasn't perfect! ;)

    CK and the Kemper team doing a great job of addressing issues and consistently working on improvements and also listening to their user community.