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    Like the title says, Ive owned a kemper since before the remote. Great piece of gear. Only complaint is not having the simplicity of the all in one unit like the stage so I finally got one. What are some best practices for owning two kempers ? How does one sync both units in terms of Performances and rigs ? Can the units be synced and have other differences like the reassignment of looper switch and output settings etc ? Any other useful tips ?

    I Agree. We all want kemper to keep moving forward. I would like to see the same stuff implemented. I think it speaks volumes about kemper though that they have a product that has aged so well that its still competive. If they release a kemper 2 I would buy it without any hesitation or reservation based on how the original has been. With QC, Weve seen more marketing and hype than updates for things promoted at release. It has enormous potential for sure and many are happy with it as is Im sure. I can tell you its given me a new appreciation for kemper. And, in spending some time and effort digging in to learning more, Im always rewarded with Kemper.

    I have had the kemper for over 10yrs. I have a QC and a fractal fm9. The QC which I have had for a year still hasnt replaced my kemper live. It has great captures, amps and drives. It also has no commercial market, needs massive ui updates, and reverbs and delays arent in the same ball park as kemper or fractal. And the most powerful modeler ever still hits limits I can do on the kemper. It is a great piece of gear but needs huge updates. The Fractal Fm9, like kemper, is a polished product. It has an incredible amount of high quality effects, its very versatile and sounds great. It can not capture anything and they are in fact models. They are the only digital models Ive been impressed by and that includes line 6. All just my opinions. Kemper has made more updates more often to improve an existing product than any company Ive ever seen. I wish neural was half as expedient in this regard. BTW, I think the tube screamer line up buit into Kemper is great imo. Have you spent any time trying to dial one in ?

    Check this out.

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    OK , May need to revisit this. When It came out I played with this a bit and it seemed I wasnt getting as good as I got with the right clean amp and real piezo. Sounded terrible with the piezo . I had not seen Tone junkies vid on it. His tone is great

    Im playing through a music man jp15 which has a piezo pickup as well as being able to blend pickups. Im trying to find a rig that sounds good when strumming like an acoustic. Some songs Just need that acoustic style strumming sound especially when Im leading with vocals as well. Ive found some that sound great and quite acoustic like while picking but they always seem to sound bad when switching to heavy strumming. Any suggestions ?

    I have had my kemper before the remote was available. I've had the QC for a little while and I agree with your assessment. I would say that the qc amps and drives are generally more organic and therefore , better. Though there isn't that many available like the kemper due to the complete lack of a commercial market. The rest is severely lacking compared to kemper. Functionality, reverbs and delays aren't even close on the qc. Others don't seem to mind them and say they will work but to me they are nearly mostly unusable. I'm sure these things will improve with time. The kemper has had the benefit of over a decade of development. Will they support the qc and development the way kemper has ? Never seen anyone support development and upgrades the way kemper has.

    Kemper has done an amazing job on effects. Especially delays and reverbs imo. The only pedal I regret ever selling is the Diamond Memory Lane. It just always sounds so pleasing to the ear no matter the setting. It is well known for its warm and lush sounding repeats that some call dark but yet it has a clarity. Modulation, oh my. Who still has one that can recreate this love on the kemper ?

    I would say to get the kemper kone if you really want to hear that cab sound well. Your mix won't sound as good if you run others into it. Otherwise A nice neutral high quality monitor with cab included in your signal is better for monitoring. Foh of courses includes cab already.

    looking for some experienced recommendations for in ear monitors. Mostly play guitar but some vocals too. Budget near $1000. Also getting molds done, do they send you a mold you can re-use for future ? Some do a digital file ? Expect to spend for appt ? So for I've considered Ultimate Ears 7 pro . I can really appreciate quality and hearing more detail from band and want to enjoy my mix as well while performing.

    If something is connected to the Front Input, the Alternate Input is bypassed.

    BUT, you can get creative with an FX Loop. The Return can be used as the piezo input. It can be mixed with the magnetic input into the same profile, or you can use it with Dual Path to create a clean sound that is separate from the sound of the profile.

    Thanks Paul. Totally forgot about the dual Path . That's a fantastic idea. This would let me choose if clean signal is there or not from the guitar. Still would like to figure out a way to switch between the two still though as well.

    Ordered myself a JP15 . It has a two separate output jacks as well as a trs jack that can output piezo sounds as well as magnetic Pickups. I'm curious how I might best take advantage of this with the profiler. Can input be switched via remote ? Pretty sure only one at a time can be used ...

    I was running with a beta since drives released and really liking some of the new stomps. Now I have deleted the old ones and updated to release with stomps and I am hearing something strange when using them. Sounds kind of digital and compressed in heavy distortion. I recall reading something somewhere about kemper doing something to fix a problem relating to drives but dont recall what. Anyone have any Idea ?

    Ability for Rig Manager to match folder structure for rigs, effects, and performances to structure already existing on local library. I cant believe this does not exist yet ! should be able to drag my rigs folder to rig manager and have it add subfolders automatically... Kemper has been fantastic but after the incredibly long wait for rig manager this is quite the oversight I think

    Am I missing something ? Is there really no way to have rig manager match the folder structure on your pc for rigs etc without manually recreating every folder and then copying corresponding rigs ? No simple drag and drop obviously...

    suggest maybe try to load 7.3.2 on a freshly formatted fat 32 only with just kaos.bin at root. power on while holding both page buttons until you see something different happening

    OK so thanks to Burkhard @ support I believe Problem was I did not follow directions well enough.. lol This is a classic. I briefly read over the part about updating to 7.3.2 before updating to latest release. I assumed this would have been an much older update for this requirement. Im not one of those guys who never updates or is scared to try a beta at all. Anyway I was wrong. make sure you have 7.3.2 n any classical model first ! To Fix problem hold two page buttons while power on to force install. Hope this helps someone else but support is quite fast !