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    hi guys can some one explain me why I' m receiving back from kemper a dry non processed signal. my set up is made witha biirectiona spdif to coaxial's weird because i can record a master stereo signal from the spdif imputs (processsed sigal) but when it comes to use spdif imputs in the apollo to receive reamp signal its only delivers and record a all dry signal

    some advice??

    folks can some one tell me if it's necessary to send Di out into the hi Z input of the apollo for analog reamp ? I'm noticing the signal a little bit harsh and sparkly...I asume that HI z input on the apollo acts as a DI and the same to the direct output of the kemper. what is best?? analog output to the HI z imput or DI output from kemper into the line level back imputs of the apollo??

    clock must be set on spdif in the apollo

    Can I ask you how you got your main output faders to be like that ? Mine have a shorter throw than in your picture.

    I also have Monitor and Alt 1 buttons that you don't have ... have you disabled them somehow to get the extra throw ... If so how ?

    I'm a newbie with the Apollo console and still working things out ^^

    those are the sends! and I guess the new console update has now the outputs in the control room section...but I'm not completely sure..I was wondering the same thing this days since I got my apollo few day ago, and all manuals and videos are made with a different version of the console app

    greta tones thanks!!!!

    some are really awesome

    there are a few that in my set up sounded with a lack of headroom, too much compressed!!

    I asume from my ignorance that is the proprietary character of the amp

    besides this, for example is fair to say that, the KLemt are incredible!!!

    thanks a lot!

    too much appreciated

    i have same issue here...the cable to amp connection is weak..i have my kpa sittting over my speaker and with vibration it get umplugged all the time...very frustrating

    Hi everybody,
    Looking for someone who can make me understand what goes on, when monitor cab off is engaged, with a Fr/Fr passive speaker signal: Is the cabinet sim also disabled over the poweramp output?

    If I would decide to combine a backline guitar amp connected to KPA's monitor output (monitor cab off), with a passive speaker coming out from the power head near my stage monitor , will cab simulation remain engaged in my FR/FR ?? if not, is there any solution for this hypothetical environment??

    Did you fix this?

    Hi folks! I'd like to share with you the opinion from a rising youtube star that usually have nice reviews and videos and is very funny but this time came out with an ethical inquiry

    I would like to know what do you guys think about this topic seriously there any legal affaire arround profiling others sounds?


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    They are excellent even when they make and error...they solved me an issue with some orders in a fast and gentle way! Long live to kemper support...

    You don't want to edit the recording volume, because doing affects the playback volume. Record the Git Analog signal with the interface input set to unity gain (with the knob set to 0db). Boosting or cutting the signal at the input of the interface will make it very difficult to send it back into the Kemper at the original level.
    Does your Focusrite have an Instrument level Input? An instrument level input would have a better signal to noise ratio than a line level input.

    hi, i'm sending "guit/master left" to mi focusrite trough spdif output but the signal level is not as good as expected into my DAW...spdif volume is set to there any other way to improve signal "strenght" with out touch imput level? ;) i have no way to set the imput level from my daw or focusrite mix control