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    Amazing that a user thinks, he has to affirm that his BlueAmps FRFR is great. I'm sure he's happy with his FRFR and I'm happy for him, even if it's a different model. But what does this have to do with this post? Does that help to solve that specific problem? No! This is more like, "Look, there are enough users here that are happy, what you are telling is impossible." Too bad that the manufacturer supports this post.

    It is not my intention to make a product bad. Actually, I just wanted to avoid that. That's why I did not want to mention the exact model name at the beginning.

    Ok, I suppose you mean me! Then you can write that as well. No problem!

    I just wanted to show you with my post that I play a stereo system from Blueamps and use the Kemper in stereo mode (monitor out and direct out configured as a stereo setup). And I am fully satisfied! I played in the past Egnater 1x12 Guitar Cabs together with an external poweramp. Sounds good!

    Than I switched to Yamaha Wedges, because I wanted also to play my acoustic guitar via a Kemper Acoustic Amp Profile.

    The sound over the Yamaha cab was too sterile for me.

    So I called Marco from Blueamps and he gives me some good advices.

    I bought the spark, and for me it is still the best solution.

    My only intention was to tell you my story and my experiences with Kemper and Blueamps.

    Nothing more!!! 8)

    If that was not helpful, that's OK! If you think that has nothing to do with the post, OK too.

    No one has written that your problem is impossible!

    It's all a matter of personal taste anyway. No more and no less! No reason to attack me!

    I did not want to bore anyone. Sorry for that! :rolleyes:


    My favourite Solo Sound is the Bogner Xtasy blue channel (profile Pack 2).

    Also the Vox AC30 profiles are great (profile Pack 2)

    For AC/DC like rhythm parts I like the 70 Marshall Super Lead profiles (profile Pack 2)

    For Blues solo I like the 65 Bassman with the Timmy (profile Pack 2).

    I also bought other packs, but Pack 2 is still my favorite.

    The Friedman profiles from the Crank and Go pack are very good. I will use some in the future. :thumbup:

    i‘m thinking about getting a spark too - sounds like your happy with it. it‘s just a lot of $$ for something i can not try before i buy...

    how is the stereo width? and is it loud enough for full band rehearsals and medium sized stages?

    Its really loud!!! On stages I use it as a monitor. In Clubs and in our Rehearshal room I use it as an amp. And believe me its really loud enaugh. I asked Marco to build an Volume Poti into the Spark to minimize the volume. The stereo sound is great. In a previous setup I use two Yamaha wedges. But 1.) it was to complicated for me to carry them 2.) I was not fully satisfied with the sound.

    Now I use Top Jimi ACDC Pack and Tone Junkie Two Rock profiles for all the Classic Rock Rhythm stuff ande MBritt Bogner Extasy profiles for solo sounds. Also I use some Acoustic Amp Profiles from Rigbusters for my Acoustic Guitar. And really I am in sound heaven. I have played a lot of tube amps with huge pedalboards in the past, But with the combination Kemper --> Blueamps, I am fully satisfied!

    Please ask Marco from Blueamps.

    He is building all kinds of cabs, and he is really a specialist in FRFR and GFR cab (Blueamps).

    I use a SPARK active FRFR cab, and its really amazing.

    In a previous setup I used two Yamaha wedges, but I was not satisfied with the sound.

    Now with the SPARK I use Marshall profiles for AC/DC stuff, Bogner, Fender, 2 Rock and Cornford Amps for all Classic Rock and Funky Stuff and also some acoustic amp profiles with my Acoustic Guitar.


    Bought Grab N Go- a great pack as usual.
    Love the Dr. Z, /13 and the carr lincoln profiles.
    Also the performances are great!
    Congrats Mike! Great Job.

    Has anyone of you guys tried the 3rd Power CSR Pack?

    You should have a lot of fun with that. Pick your favorite amp (and effects...why not?) and lock everything except the CAB section. Then you can go use Rig Manager to double-click on tons of profiles in search of great cabinets. My collection is ever-growing, and some old experiments have been deleted to keep my usable collection more organized. And as I find better cabinets, my usable amp collection is also growing.
    Have fun! :thumbup:

    Thanks Philbert! Sounds great! :thumbup:

    I bought the "69 VIBE ROLEX PACK" from Tone Junkie
    Man it sounds so authentic with my old Strat! :thumbup:
    The clean sounds are really funky! Additionally there are profiles with "Tube Screamer" and "King of Tone". Excellent! :thumbup:
    From now the Vibrolux Reverb is my first choice for my Strat. :D:D:D
    Good Job!
    Besides the profiles of "Dr. Z - Carmen Ghia" (Dr. Z Profiles) and "Cornford MK50H II" (Rigbusters), the Vibrolux is my favorite amp for my Strat. :D:D

    I use this one! Active Stereo FRFR Cab from the German company Blueamps.
    The amp sounds better every day. :thumbup:
    Especially live in music clubs or in the rehearsal room. I am fully satisfied.
    Previously I have played Yamaha! DXR10. But just for Classic-Rock-Marshall sounds the Yamaha was too sterile for me (but that's my personal impression). ;)

    I bought Pack 1 yesterday. :thumbup:
    The amp profiles are really great.
    Very good work! :thumbup::thumbup:

    I bought the Kemper Profile Pack 1 of Dr. Z amplification.

    These profiles of the following Dr. Z amps are included:
    3- Carmen Ghia
    3- Z28
    3- Maz 18
    3- Maz 18 NR
    2- Route 66
    5- EMS
    2- EZG 50
    3- Z Wreck
    5- Z-Lux
    3- Antidote
    3- DB 4
    3- Cure

    They sounds really Dr. Z amp like! Great!
    Fantastic clean sounds!