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  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the comments on Rich Robinson's guitar tone. Of course I'd love to have those profiles! Thank you! PM me and we can exchange emails from there...or post them on the forum if you want to share with everyone. Maybe upload them to Rig Manager Exchange.

    I watched a few videos of that era myself, and I see the SJ amps and cabs, but I also noticed he had a couple of sounds going, and at times a blend. I've never known a SJ doing that type of "bark". Good amps, but just never heard them used that way. Could he have the blackface Showman doing those tones? Was he using both on stage? Massive good tone though.

    I do have a wonderful Swamp Ash Tele with my favorite vintage low-wind GFS pickups (very good inexpensive single coil pickups for those who don't know) , and also a Gibson Memphis ES-335 '64 reissue with ThroBack Bigsby though. Great guitar! And I've tried SJ profiles looking for that tone and response, but not successfully. I'll give anything a try.

    As for Vintage 30's...even the ones made in England...they are not the same as real "vintage" Greenbacks, which I love. They should call them "modern 30's", because that's what they are...a modern sharp high end tone with a tad of vintage something.

    So, thanks again. Look forward to trying what you have profiled!


  • Just bought a Kemper a couple days ago. i am positively obsessed with Rich Robinson"s guitar tones. All of them, really. I saw your post regarding some tones from Shake Your Money Maker. I have been chasing them as well - for years.

    While some of those tones could be coming from something tweed, I am not convinced the ones you've mentioned are. They sure sound amazing and Rich does love vintage gear, I've come to the conclusion that those tones actually come from a far more modern amp - the Jubilee. While they sure sound vintage to me, I haven't stumbled upon anything vintage that gets me there. I've scoured through tons of Youtube videos and I came to realize that Rich was getting nearly identical tones live. And when he was touring with his Silver Jubilee rig. The Shake Your Money Maker and Southern Harmony years. The rig was primarily two Jubilee heads and a blackface Showman through the Jube cabs (which Rich swears are special). During this time (especially SYMM), Rich mostly played his 68 Tele with the neck humbucker. But I also observed he got almost identical tones with the standard single coil neck tele pup.

    If you don't have a Tele, you've got at least one obstacle to overcome if you want to get close to those tones. I actually had ReWind Electric custom wind me a neck humbucker asking for those specific tones. It's pretty damn close. Extremely low wind. I also own a Reissue Jubilee. My cab has both Greenbacks and Marshall G12 Vintage speakers which are made by Celestion. Extremely similar to a Vintage 30s and on par with the speakers in Rich's old Jube cabs. While I have other mics to try, thus far I've thrown an SM57 and a Fathead ribbon mic on both speakers. Oh, and I actually have Rich's Jubilee settings. The camera guy in one of the old live videos actually focused right in on them. Yes, I'm obsessed. I don't want something close to that tone; I want THAT tone.

    At any rate, I've profiled all this a few times/ways. While the profiles are not all the way there yet, its easily the closest I've ever been. If you're interested in trying some of them out, let me know. My hope would be that another set of ears could help me get even closer.