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    Yup. Wouldn't he be the first guy to come to mind for guitar industry "me too" allegations??

    Great ears, but he copied Marshall?Soldano etc with his twist and with names like Pick Taco, Hairy Brown Eye, Dirty Shirley etc... seems maturity level is stuck at age 14 - Just sayin.

    Well didn't Jim Marshall copy fender ybassman in the beginning? Also the naming is still a lot better than ,"swollen pickle," or "way huge". When you play a Friedman, you will forgive the naming thing because his amps are really special. Check one out and you will know why he is who he is in the world of rock amps

    Sorry Mods...back on topic.

    Now about Mr Friedman’s view :/........


    Who cares about what he thinks about the Kemper, however MR. Friedman has some amazing ears to come up with the amps and pedal tones he came up with (borrowed from Marshall or whatever, who cares), I am a lucky owners of few of his inventions and they're definitely the best of the best. Kemper also makes an amazing product.

    If few can't see that or appreciate what they got and how to use it. it's just that, some people you're not going to reach no matter how simple or complex you make a product, There will always be an exception to anything, and that's just that, I'll spare you the details of those who don't read the manual and those who do but insist on doing the opposite then come to the forum and rant about their findings that were already spelled out in the manual, if they had really read or cared to follow or appreciate the manual or any rule (physical and scientific rules and laws included)

    How many times you need to test before it's confirmed that Fractal is not up to Par and that something is definitely wrong with their modeling Algorithms that doesn't allow it to fit properly in a mix.

    Here's an example of top tier Pros, for all who care about that, I don't know how many notes you can you hear from the Solo or any other guitar. at that time they were using AXE FX II and some lost soul will come out and say, the AXE FX III would be better. Most will not come out and say it or put it as I do, , but again let your ears be the Judge, is this really a guitar tone that resembles anything that you would expect the real amps being modeled would have sounded like?

    If you like to noodle by yourself , Fractal might be Ok, but once you introduce any other instrument, you can say good bye to your guitar in the Mix.. You would be stuck with one of two choices, either have the guitar drown everything else so nothing but the guitar will be heard, or to hear other instruments with the guitar magically disappearing using Fractal Magic as this example below, your guitar will disappear in the mix, because Fractal just has a problem with this.

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    Ok, this will be my monthly or quarterly post. I'm still baffled by how many guitar players still think that Fractal is really a viable solution regardless whether some "Pros" are using Fractal.

    How can you not hear how lifeless and artificial Fractal sounds, If you think I'm being harsh, just listen and hear the massive degradation that happened to Metallica's sound ever since they started using fractal . MY God how many fails did Metallica have with the AXE FX and some would still blame the sound Man or something else without acknowledging how inferior the amp modeling really is in Fractal Product.

    If you're into synthesis and new alternative sounds, you can consider Fractal Products, but if you want guitar tones including edge of breakup don't even dream of being able to get those sounds using any fractal products. this is very clear in the edge of breakup tones, that frankly suck, and it's very clear in almost every performance that Metallica had with fractal products. This is the reality that many modelers users don't seem to be able to see through, just too much hype and deceptive marketing gimmicks to sift through.

    Fractal tones never sit properly in a mix, by many pros accounts also.

    Don't trust me, trust your ears.

    Dean, did the plugin come with any profiles converted to the THU format?


    Yes, it did, some really unknown profiles from the bottom of the barrel for sure , worst profiles you can find. They want to sell packages of profiles too and maybe by the time they release more packages and by the time customers pay for that, might's well bought a Kemper. You really don't need to Keep buying many profiles however, few good ones are more than enough with EQ and other effects. I didn't see anywhere where they will convert Kemper profiles for customers. They have an authorization scheme for the rig player profile packages they sell based on what I read, I didn't buy anything , just tried the demo, and if good profiles were used, it does sound like the Kemper.

    I have so much respect for Dave Friedman, If you don't want to buy his AMPs buy his pedals and you can almost turn any tube amp into a monster.

    Interesting side note:

    I just tried overloud THU VST Plugin and the RIG Player sounds no different than the Kemper! Would you still say the same thing if all the sudden, you no longer need a Kemper to play the Kemper profiles? I have no doubt that Overloud is considering the legal ramification, otherwise, they have figured out a Kemper Player VST and any day they can open it up and let it become a Kemper player. They have the exact parameters of the Kemper to edit the Kemper Profiles it comes with.

    Certainly very interesting times and I couldn't help but laugh when I looked at the Rig Player made by OVerloud, the only thing it's missing is the Kemper Logo LOL I Played it on an old laptop and it sounded just like the Kemper with no lag whatsoever at 4ms Latency, almost like that of the hardware Kemper, so where do we go from here? I'm for advancement and technology evolution but if someone else gets the Technology and sends it to china, they'll put it less than 100 dollar Pedal and with an SD card you can load profiles! My guess at that time, everyone will agree it's piracy. Right? I'm not saying either way. I just think it certainly interesting and one thing is also certain and that is technology is unstoppable .

    Back at you @Zapman. All is good, hope all is good in your neck of the woods.:)

    Sorry for the Off topic and certainly it's an interesting thread.

    It's amazing after all these years that Kemper is still the only Modeler that feels so close/closer to real tube amps.


    The fact is that the profiler work with a low bandwith and can't render the particular top end of clean amps. They all sound the same and they sound flat and steril.

    That's a major issue for me that make me sold mine.


    Low bandwidth (correct spelling). Never mind the spelling but you state that as a fact! Based on what? The only fact that I'm seeing here is that you sold your Kemper so now you have to justify that fact by creating "alternative facts" similar to those that are passed around in American Politics for those who follow that LOL.

    Regarding bandwidth and according to Kemper himself the internal sampling rate is well above the understanding of the non-electrical/software engineers among us "The algorithm for the tube simulation runs on more than 700 kHz sampling rate (!)."

    Here's the link for the interview.

    Move on bro, if the KPA doesn't work for you, you really don't have to make up "alternative facts" to emotionally justify your personal decision. Many who own tube amps alongside the Kemper know that it's the closest alternative to owning a tube amp.

    Hey AJ, I can't believe that you think that one of your Hecklers on the gearpage is me!! Nothing surprises me however and that's why I haven't been posting anywhere for almost a year. I now spend 10 to 20 minutes a week only scanning some of the forums but rarely ever post. I don't even remember why you would think that I would have anything against you. I actually think you're a very nice guy. Don't get caught up in thinking that many of the contents on any of these boards are really serious, because as you already know, everyone is a comedian, right !?

    Finally, don't let these Hecklers get you down. I think you have very good ears because those with good ears know that Kemper is definitely the closest to a tube Amp than any other modeler. Seriously, I've again tried other modelers just for the Hell of it, and I hear a major difference in the feel and sound, that I don't think it's even close. Kemper is still King in the world of modeling and no wonder you keep coming back.

    Kemper is great that way, but there's a tendency of almost all profiles/ profilers to use common usual microphones. As much as you think you dislike Messa, with a different Microphone, you might be surprised who much you would like the sound.

    I haven't seen any profile using the coles 4038 ribbon mic. It adds so much midds and low end.
    Also with speakers, most you will see the usual celestion speakers as they make most of the profiles. You don't see many eminence for example.

    From my experience. fortunately you can load impulse responses. try something other than celestion speakers and try whatever not so common microphones and you will be surprised how much even the microphone type will have maybe just as much difference as using a different amp all together.

    That's a very slick way of looking at it but as you said from the non-insiders prospective. It's basically expected to calculate the resultant mixed sound without actually calculating the actual ingredients except in the two further positions of the blend. I have no idea if this would be easy or extremely complex, but it's certainly outside the box brilliant approach and I hope it could work.

    The guitar of the father of Surf Dick Dale had a 3 way pickup selector so he really didn't do the in between positions, however he had a toggle switch to engage the Bridge and Neck Pickup together which is not found on typical strats. The guitar had no tone control which means it's more open and has more higher frequencies /brighter.

    I think the small KB of the profile size isn't indicative of the DSP required for processing

    My guess is that it's similar to MIDI instructions. A midi file is so small because it's is a set of instruction that trigger a DSP powered player (synth or software instrument). Now the audio player system in the Kemper under the hood definitely requires significant horse power. and again my guess is that the small Profile KB is not involved in any of the heavy lifting but merely giving instructions similar to what midi file does while all the main sound processing come from the sound engine.

    It looked very tempting at first until I realized that you can only get IRs in one of the outputs, not both.That can potentioally be tricky if you get a good sound for FOH but the "non-IR" tone to the IEMs is unpleasant to hear.

    Are you sure about this, it has a toggle switch for each output to enable or disable Cab sim. this means you can have CAB sim on both. and in the manual i saw this which refers to the two toggles on the front of the pedal:

    "Independently toggle speaker cabinet simulation on/off for the differentoutputs of PREAMP LIVE"

    But exclusively for live? As in not using it in the studio? I don't get that.


    Well for any guitarist who needs to put a microphone in front of an amp, nothing can recreate that sound like the Kemper, so Kemper in this specific situation is the perfect solution for live purposes. It's that simple.

    Some touring bands take this functionality to insure that their studio recorded sound that their fans are used to, is being reproduced exactly the same on stage and that's by profiling the sound of their own Amps.
    So in this case it would be for Studio and live, but that doesn't mean that you can't just exclusively use it for Live if you so choose.

    One example is Jake Pitts from the Black Veil Brides
    Check this Jake video that might give you an idea or an example of the possibilities and how the Kemper can make life much simpler

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