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  • Hello Cederick, your mix is good, ... i know you don´t think so.
    But if you want send me the tracks and i make a mix.

    • Thanks, but I have to learn hwo to do this, haha!
      This is my like... 10th album and I never get good at it.
      Not many have complained about my productions but I know they are not super good either
      But I need to get better at this...

  • Check out the new profiles I sent you man

  • Hey Ceddy. I saw you liked that particular merged JCM800 profile, as it doesn't have the "windtunnel effect", right? Have you tried using that cab on another MERGED profile and see if that helps? And vice versa? Just to narrow it down to AMP or CAB section. I think that's a very important distinction.

    • We've already established that it's the amp thats producing the noise. But I did as you asked :)

      I tried JCM800 Merged with different IRs and Kemper cabs = no noise increase
      I tried noisy amps with JCM800 cab = noise of the amp remains.

    • Cool. Good to have it narrowed down :)

      That means you could dial in an amp at home and take direct profiles of that, without having to worry about mic'ing etc. Provided you can find profiles with cabs that you like.

    • Yeah, it's a big relief for sure :)

      To make direct profiles I should get that special Kemper direct device right?

    • There are other alternatives, but I think that one is quite good quality (no direct experience here, though).

  • Hmmm, I have no idea haha! I just use IRs now instead and I find it a better way to find good sounds for some reason.

    The weird thing is that when I profile on my own I dont feel it has any thin sound... buit others profiles I just dont "get"... i'm so confused with this I just resorted to IRs

  • Hey man, I saw an old thread of yours dealing with thin sound. I'm currently fighting my KPA, dealing with what I believe might be a similar issue. Have gone through every suggestion that I've been told, and still sounds thin and lacking to me. Just wondering if you ever found a solution? Thanks for your time.