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    i played this, and my wife said what's this, it's beautiful! Then i read of ur battles with illness,m and we both heard ur heart pour thru~yes, 'grace' is a gift from above...and thanks for sharing, loved it!

    yeah OhG, that's what i was doing,'s all good, bro .

    I'd rather have this than one amp, that sounds different in every room, changing tubes, bias, etc. etc. etc.

    Like most, we're just learning something new all the time about the KPA/RM, and to me that's not a hassle, but exciting of the unit's
    constant sound~colors, design, and all. :)

    Ok, so i read on how to update to Kemper OS 3.3.
    I was successful at doing that. Yah!

    I purchased 4 of Michael Britt's Kemper Profiles Packs.
    I loaded his D100 Pack so far into my Kemper . Yay!

    I just found out about Guido, and i got one of his
    Kemper Profiles. Yah!

    My Kemper NewB question today is, since i'm learning to
    add new commercial profiles, 1) can i add the others i bought
    with the same procedure, OR am i gonna lose those profiles, as i add new ones
    that i bought from MBrittt, and Guido?

    I haven't yet learned how to add them as 'favorites'.
    I have been reading about Rig Manager, and would like to a clean Rig manager s i can add these MB, and Guido profiles
    as a start to building a few key profile sounds.

    Newbie here is uncertain. :/

    Thanks in advance for any n all help!


    hello all,

    Can i change the remote screen to have different color dispay , like i did for my Profiler? (i changed mine to green)
    A silly mind wants to know, plz

    tyvm, paults.
    For now i just wanna learn my Kemper, and play guitar with the Kemper's loaded presets.
    I'll keep learning & gaining knowledge, and then attempt to convert IR files to Kemper Cabinets and such.

    thanks for setting me straight on this.


    i have been reading, searching the forum, and asked my Kemper dealer questions about CabMaker.
    i have successfully updated my OS to he latest version, and i have got RigManager on my computer.
    i made a backup of my Kemper, and eagerly await the 4.0OS !!!
    So my reading/research has been fruitful up until this point, but to no avail concerning CabMaker :/ :

    i've read various things whether as i need to install CabMaker 2.0, OR NOT?!?

    My learning curve is 'slow as Mole Asses', i guess! ;op

    Anyone care to kick me in the right direction concerning CabMaker, plz?

    thankU all for the warm is very much appreciated!

    i have had this KPA for a few weeks, reading,watching
    tutorials etc. i guess i should spend a few
    moments to plug into this musical beast! ♪
    At least i have hurdled a few 'knowledge gaps', and
    have a better understanding now , to begin my Kemper U.
    learning journey.

    zamar ~ freshman KPA 101

    Hello! I am a brand new user, and i've been reading , and trying my best to read and learn my new Kemper. i have a very long history with tube amps, in which i sold one to get my KPA.
    First venture into the digital profiling area.

    I've been playing mostly at church thu-out my life, but more at home recently. So, i have been ushered into the '0dB stage volume environment' for an 'eternity'!

    So, my first goal is to find in the manual(s)/forums etc, how to set the Kemper for earbuds.

    i love various guitar players and the styles of Lukather,Landau,Ford,Haynes,Landreth,Trucks & many others.

    i am very excited to play thru the various amp profiles. i look forward to learning from u all,& hopefully being able to contribute to the forum.