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    Sharry - Did you buy the Gear4music bass ukulele? What do you think of it? How does it sound? I couldn't find any reviews online.

    Yep, I bought it and the sound is nice. But I sent it back.

    The frets are too low for the thick strings.

    It is difficult to play a clean tone without the strings buzzing on another fret.

    Also, they are not cut cleanly. I am too lazy to smooth them at the edges.

    Sometimes cheap is too cheap.

    I don't know if it was a monday edition or if this quality is obligatory.

    At the moment I use the transpose function on the Kemper. Good enough for rehearsal.

    The finish solution is blowing in the wind.:)

    while you´re on it fixing the latest OS , the RM Editor, Kemper Kabs and some new FX like Acoustic simulator and Auto Swell, could you also make the looper loop in sync to the rig tempo? That way I could really start using use the looper in our livesets...

    I support your wish.

    At the moment the KPA-Looper is not really useful for live.

    For me it is a gimmick for rehearsal, riff training or profile tweak.

    An interesting application can be realized with the ToastMe from Damian.

    I found the following video on FB.…/videos/2292161641053916/

    Nevertheless, i imagine it might be frustrating to the Kemper development, design and support team to read some of these comments. I am not pointing at any specific comments/complaints/demands...I am speaking in general. It is not my attention to offend anyone.

    The fact that one's own sensitivities should be preferred to general interests cannot be ruled out.

    But the sense of this thread should serve to bring in ideas from outside.

    Criticism should be allowed and desired

    I am a bit worried that CK reads this thread, throws his hands up in utter exasperation, and calls the whole thing off.

    Don't worry !

    I think that a man who builds such a company does not get carried away by reviews in the forum.

    It really hits a certain number of users.

    I am sure that he already knew this before.

    Mmmh - beim Thema "Freunde im Publikum" zwickts mich gewaltig! Wie soll das den ablaufen? Geht man in einer Spielpause oder nach dem Set zu den Freunden und die sagen dann "Sound war Sch..." - und dann geht man zum Techniker und sagt dem ... ja: Was sagt man dem dann? "Du - mein Kumpel meint, daß die oberen Mitten bei mir total zu laut waren"???

    Recht aufmerksam hast du mein posting nicht gelesen, wenn du mich schon zitiert.

    Es ging darum wie man sich helfen kann, wenn kein Techniker am Pult sitzt.

    Ansonsten gibt es auch Techniker die den Namen nicht verdienen - auch dann muss man mit der Situation fertig werden.

    Deswegen rate ich dir, mit welchem Equipment auch immer einen guten Sound für dich und für den Bandkontext zu finden und alles andere, auf das du wenig bis keinen Einfluss hast, gedanklich weit nach hinten zu schieben.

    Es ist das Problem aller Musiker unabhängig vom Equipment.

    Hat man keinen Mann am Mischer draußen, ist man darauf angewiesen einen erfahrenen Freund im Saal sitzen zu haben, der die nötigen Infos gibt.

    Oder man spielt mir Git/Mikrofunk um selbst den Sound zu überprüfen. ( Ich habe ein tablet um den Behringer XR18 im Saal zu bedienen.)

    Wenn der Saal voll und das Publikum noch nicht voll ist, sind wohlgesinnte Freunde im Publikum wieder sehr hilfreich.

    Das hat mit dem KPA überhaupt nichts zu tun.

    Mit dem Kemper hast du die Chance einen erstklassigen Sound zu erzeugen. Der Mix macht's aber um diesen auch zu verbreiten!

    I can join the ranks of those whose connection to the remote has now been working without complaint for over 3 years.

    I regret anyone who has a problem with the remote.

    But I've often noticed that it's mostly Mac users have these problems.

    I find the implication of third-party software easier on Windows than on Mac, which can even change per version.

    This could be a reason that makes it more difficult for the mothership to be stable. I also have seen that they are working hard to solve.

    Often I also I've read about incompatible versions at KPA and RM.

    Regardless of the OP system, I would recommend everyone to leave the OS updating of KPA and RM to the rig manager. Whether you want beta or just release versions. (is selectable under preferences). Thus an possible error is missing.