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    Do they? I'm out of date then as I know this is what happened years ago.

    I don't understand why you would pre-blend and it removes flex at mix down, especially these days with almost limitless tracks, seems so counter intuitive.

    I understand why amps are blended, but the whole point of multi track is that you do these things separately and blend in production. Its the other reason you add effects post recording unless essential because otherwise you can't correct or change it and we all know things sound very different when you add other sounds and instruments.

    The advantage of reamping is that you can record with effects and change it in post later if need be.


    We're into the 14 month my friend..and while our governments have decided that absolutely everything (and most of all banks which take 0% free trillions from the central banks to play it on the stock and financial markets) is more important and worth billions and trillions of €/$ there is not a cent for artists and arts in general.Not easy not to fall into "drama mode".S9 sorry for me sounding harsh on this..

    Okay, but I'm simply specifying what I mean by "live". It's a reference to anyone who gigs or has gigged regularly during (or before) the pandemic.

    Something is seriously wrong. The frequency response of the Kemper profile was way off and it sounded a lot different before he even touched the Definition parameter. The profile almost sounds like a completely different amp.

    Yep, I can see that. Although what I would say is that for more or less 50% of the Kemper's lifetime so far, no-one was really making amp-only profiles. There are tons and tons of kemper profiles out there that are amp+cab+mic, and it's disappointing when you see a profile you'd like to use but it has the cab baked in.

    You can always bypass the Cab section of studio profiles. Even if it doesn't yield a perfect separation between amp and cab, I've been able to convert many commercial profiles I originally didn't like into some of my favorites simply by swapping out cabs.

    People going into QC now in 2021 are well aware of the use-case for both types of profile, so you'd imagine they'd invest in a simple £40 DI box that can sit between their amp and cab, so when they do a capture, they can just do two.

    People who keep up with this stuff will probably be aware, but I don't think they necessarily represent the average user. Even though direct profiles are fairly common knowledge in the KPA community, studio profiles are still pretty predominant on the Rig Exchange.

    One thing that makes the Kemper more flexible for me is the fact that amps and cabs in studio profiles can be separated, even if it's not a perfect separation. The QC can make direct profiles, but I suspect most captures that are uploaded to the cloud will be full captures. While you capture your own amps, there are a lot of people who'll be relying on the capture community exclusively, namely because they don't have any amps of their own to capture.

    ColdFrixion no, I assume you are talking about an EQ? Can you be specific on the exact setting and which eq you would opt for?

    Add a Studio EQ to one of the Stomp slots (ie. before the Amp) and set the Low Cut to around 80 Hz. Check for flub. If it's still there, move the low cut to 90 Hz. Check again. If it's still there, move it up to 100 Hz, and so on.

    Additionally, since I am not too savvy with this stuff can you expand on what this does as opposed to making a cut in the cab or turning the bass down on the amp portion?

    If the issue is happening at the input stage, deal with it at the input stage. Cutting the low-end at the output stage will reduce the low-end of the entire signal and won't actually solve the issue in many cases, but it may unnecessarily thin out your tone.

    For me, the ability to separate the amp and cab in full captures is a feature I'd want. I realize CabDriver only approximates the separation between amp and cab in KPA profiles, but I routinely mix and match amps and cabs between different studio profiles.

    I don’t know how many more ways ColdFrixion can tell us that the QC is not for him because of file management. But it’s clear to me that he’s very certain we all need to know how he feels about it.

    What are you talking about? All but one of my recent posts on the topic has been a reply to comments addressed to me. The only unsolicited comment I posted was in regards to an analogy someone made comparing Apple to NDSP in which I stated that even Apple allows users to manage their own files.

    Yes, it looks sketchy information at best, which I guess is what worries you. I do keep local backups, although they would be everything on my Kemper or HX Stomp in one save.

    To travel , I rely on a USB drive and keep a version online for backup. Maybe there will be a definitive statement in time, but I don't feel that limited by not being able to import/export individual files.

    I don't keep all of my profiles on the KPA for the purpose of simplifying things. I keep a lot of them stored locally in Rig Manager. However, there's absolutely no way I'd want to have to be connected to the internet to access my entire library 100% of the time. I don't know of any server that's 100% reliable and if my ISP is acting squirrely, I'd be shit out of luck. I can imagine the frustration of dealing with potential connection issues at a studio. If I want to send someone a profile or preset, it's easy. I don't have to look up their name and grant them access to the file using the front panel of my Kemper or Axe-Fx. The QC's method sounds like a pain in the ass. The whole thing's just dumb.

    Surely you can manage your own captures within the desktop app though?

    Everything I've read from Doug Castro indicates that you'll only be able to create and restore full backups with the desktop app. Management of individual captures and presets will have to be done through the cloud, which means you have to be connected to the internet. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against storing stuff in the cloud, but I at least want the option of keeping a local copy.

    The only time I ever exported or imported individual profiles was to share with friends or bands I worked with.

    I keep local copies of all my profiles.

    Fair enough, but I'm sure he said the editor was coming and you could do all the normal things. Personally, I will wait to see how things go anyway.

    On The Gear Page, I (and others) asked Doug Castro repeatedly if users would be able to save and restore individual capture files locally(eg. to a computer or USB drive), and he eventually said that all files (except IR's) would have to go through the cloud, but that it would be possible to create and restore full backups using the desktop app. That's not good enough for me. I want to be able to manage my individual captures without having to be connected to the internet.

    Just on the main website it says that "third party Its are extremely easy to load". Just wait until things are clear if you plan on purchasing it. If not, you have nothing to worry about.

    The website says, "Third-party IRs are extremely easy to load", and that's what I was saying. The end-user will be able to import IR's, but aside from IR's, all file transfers will have to go through the cloud, which is specifically why I have no intention of purchasing the Quad Cortex. I want the ability to manage my captures locally. If I can't do that, forget it.