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    Well, in an interview CK stated that "A Kemper 2 will be at some stage unavoidable", or something very similar

    We all see that for a couple of years now :)

    Reading all the discussions, I see, there are some people saying "We don't need all the stuff you require", but: They seem to be very traditional in there sound shaping. That is ok! Many of the features came by software updates, like the ability of acting as an interface, which was a big NO for some people because they feared a cost increase. And we get liquid profiling. And we got all of it for free! Maybe a lot more features can be enabled (MIDI over USB???)

    Maybe there should just be a more powerful version of a Kemper, when limits are reached, like: Dual amp use, true stereo, more FX, looping options (*peering to axe fx with feedback loops in delays*) and I would no longer think about selling my two kempers for one... *other thing*

    All the workflow is fine, but in fact, there are limits that mark the actual kpa is a bit outdated.

    Aaaaaaaand... what I forgot: There are two thing of which I'm sure that they would be THE advantage for Kemper:

    - Back in the early 2000s, there were some Pedals (GNX) from DigiTech, that could even blend between two amp sounds (they called that "morphing") That would be a killer thing.

    - These pedals also had two built-in LFOs that could be assigned to FX parameters. Neither Axe FX nor Neural DSP seems to have such nice features, so GO FOR IT!!!

    Every device that has USB and can be controlled by MIDI, has an option to send/receive MIDI data to/from USB. Why not a Kemper?

    (Just want to keep the thread alive... and need that feature!)

    Hey, why can't the Monitor Out just be configured as one side of the stereo send and the Send Out as the other?

    The configuration totally makes sence, for example if you want a stereo chorus to go into something like an external stereo delay which returns into a stereo reverb (has anyone said this? sorry, bros...) or, which I was just trying, send internal stereo delays into a Boss slicer and return to stereo reverb. There is an enormous practical need of something like this. Not to forget the recently integrated USB-interface functionality which contradicts to using the stereo outputs for such needs.

    Hey, I don't know, wether this is already covered somewhere or not, but here we go...

    1) Open Rig Manager

    2) Drag and Drop the Backup from your USB-Stick into Rig Manager

    3) Open your target performance using the KPA knobs

    4) Double click the Backup in RM, then the desired performance

    5) Press the KPA store button three times (unless you decide to change the target performance or performance name, you'll know what to do ;)

    I wanted to do the exact same thing and found that outdated topic first. So i tried it on my own and figured out these steps.


    Screw. the. FUCKING. Interface!!!

    How could I have been so stupid and not try it with my MOTU instead of the cheap piece of crap?

    This is really the 2nd best community in the world (best is still my family & friends, but of course no one could help...)!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind support and patience!!!

    If you're ever coming to my town, let me know! There will be beer for you! :)

    Hey, thank you very much for the support.

    I already figured that out without success. I also use the latest firmware.

    Why do you use 00 in the Device-ID-Byte instead of 7F as the manual says? BTW the manual says "See System Page", but where exactly can I find the ID? Is it the MIDI-channel I set the Kemper to? So why is it called ID?

    It still doesn't work at all. Neither by using 00 nor 01 nor 7F (for Omni) to reach the Kemper on Channel 1.

    (I also tried different settings, like Kemper on Omni and 7F in the sysex command)

    Other Information affect the unit, like PC and CC Messages from MIDI-OX.

    Can you probably suggest another software for MIDI-Data interchange? Or is their anything else I oversee? Like what about the buffer settings?

    Has there been a change in the Kemper's hardware that enabled the feature in later models then mine?

    Hey Schoko,

    thank you very much for your support. I tried it, I fiddled around with the MIDI-implemntation chart nd conclude: The f*cking Kemper is not able to toggle the stack section on and off... I tried it with th Amp Section alone which didn't work either. The Kemper does not seem to receive any sysex-date despite sending them out when UI to MIDI is enabled. Is it a bug or does anyone want to call it a feature? I don't see a single reason why a MIDI-device can't read sysex...

    By the way, MIDI-OX shows the received messages when switching any of the mentioned sections very differently compared to the MIDI-Implementation. After the manufacturer-ID there is alway 01 00 instead of 00 7F. Maybe anyone can tell why?

    THE WORKAROUND: thanks for the tipps aswell, but they don't help in any way. I need to switch off the stack section keeping all the fx and parameters in a couple of presets, so it would be a hell of work to copy rigs without stack sections and then route them to an IA switch of a MIDI-controller.

    I'm really disappointed that the sysex-functionality seems to be removed by the time, since there are older threads describing ways that don't work anymore...

    I'm sorry to write that here again. Yes, it is rubbish. I have multiple rigs where I'd like to switch on and off the stack. There are 128 MIDI CCs and the KPA uses what? 40? I don't know... But not even half of them! Why is there not one for Amp/Cab or the whole stack section?


    as recommended, I start a new thread aboud switching on and off the Stack section via MIDI.

    I found another thread which is somehow old...
    Can anyone just post the sysex message I need for this? I don't want any explanations about how I can figure it out myself with the MIDI parameter documentation, it would take me at least two or three days which I don't have for try and error in studio.

    Thank you in advance!

    Hi, i use SYSEX for this:

    "F0 00 20 33 00 00 01 00 04 41 00 00 F7" -> turn it off

    "F0 00 20 33 00 00 01 00 04 41 01 00 F7" -> turn it on

    I will publish my project for a kemper controller on github soon(controlled via midi from the browser), i will write the info in the forum too. (i really implemented a lot of the functions which are possible).


    I have the same problem. That Sysex Message doesn't work. I don't have the time to get into sysex messages, as millions guitarists in the world. Is there anything new about the topic? Like a CC for the Stack section? Why is that so difficult to implement?

    Or can anyone just post the full Sysex and/or NRPN code to switch the stack on and off?


    Hey everyone,

    I hope, this isn't too much of a peeve... But will there be a successor product or model to the well-known KPA? Before I go more into detail, I admit: I f***ing love my Kemper and would always call it the greatest invention in guitar history! But here are some thoughts....

    To be honest, it feels like the technology has been outrun by competing things... In fact, the Kemper was first released in 2012 (I think), which is (almost) a decade ago. Since then, the essential parts remained the same. Since 2019 (or 2018) a chip set was replaced, so the newer models can be used in slave mode for S/PDIF, other than the older ones. Firmware updates brought better FX that make the Kemper a more useful all-in-one solution for most users. But in fact, advertising of the "Double Tracker" Effect upset me a little. To me it seems to be nothing else but a Haas-effect thingy that could also be achieved with a Dual Delay (Mix: 100%, Delay 1: 0ms; Delay 2: ca 15 to 21ms; Feedback1: 50%; Reverse Mix: 0; Stereo: 200%... tweak it to your taste and tell me if there is a substantial difference to the Double Tracker effect). Kind of nonsense...

    Now, Kemper is up to release an active cab. Why? There are plenty of FRFR Cabs out there, right? I guess lots of users have the "real" Kemper sound on their In-Ears and only want a Cab for the feeling. that doesn't require a special cab, which is undoubtedly a fine thing - but only for a few of us.

    So here is my main question: (When) can we expect a real successor to the KPA? Sorry for using the evil comparison, but Fractal brought somethin really new with the Axe FX III (Inputs, Outputs, Routing Options, CPU Power - I don't use one, just read a lot...) Why can't there come something new from Kemper like three outputs for Wet-Dry-Wet Setups more easily (without giving up the Monitor Out), a stereo FX-Loop, a second Loop like the Stage has, maybe a second (or even third) signal path that can be mixed and routed to different outputs? And the shaping tools (gain and EQ) are also criticized often. Or maybe some of the mentioned things in the "feature request" section, like time shown in the main display (which wouldn't make a big difference, but it's nice to have).

    Please start a shitstorm, if I pissed anyone. I didn't mean that, but I'm sure I did. Maybe there are also some of you who think the same or have even better ideas...

    Have a nice remaining week of the year and a happy new year anyway!!!

    Bye, Jojo

    Yes, I know. That function is kinda pointless since the rig name is shown underneath the slot name.
    I think, I was a bit confused, because it is the rig name shown, not the amp name, while most rig names seem to contain the amp name. this is really confusing...
    Am I right, that I have to rename all the rigs when changing the amps in them just to avoid confusion? That would be really annoying without a software editor...

    Sorry, if this thread was opened before, but i couldn't find anything about this problem...

    When I am in performance mode with my Kemper, the slots show the wrong amp underneath the performance name. For example, I am on performance 2, slot one. Under the performance name, my Kemper says "GA Budda SD30 CLN 3", which might have been used in this slot. But I changed to a Cornford MK502 Clean a while ago. However, the slot "subtitle" didn't change. Can I handle this anywhere?

    Thanks in advance!