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    it happened to myself once after returning from the studio
    where I had made changes to the output and that was the only
    fix I found,i don't know how it happened either,i didn't save the setting
    Steve :thumbup:

    Thanks man. I was completely baffled....and furious! Lol!

    Did you check the OUTPUT setting ? (post 21)
    its the only way it would get turned off
    ,different output settings for different applications.

    yes, if you read back I solved it by finding that somehow the OUTPUT setting for MONITOR had somehow been set to OFF without my changing it. Was wondering if there was some way that could have happened without user intervention?

    Is possible that somehow I accidentally turned it off...but doubtful since I never even saw that menu before having the issue.

    Looks like if you want to run into a cab you click monitor cab off to make sure cab emulation is not going through your speaker. You would also uncheck master volume to main out link so when you turn the volume it only changes the monitor output/power amp output. Under output make sure the power amp is on and turn up the volume. Make sure your speaker cable is plugged in the speaker port and not the monitor out port.

    1. I use FRFR for my monitoring on stage and rehearsals. I always want cab emulation.

    2. When I rehearse I don’t use a board so there’s no reason to unlink my Main Out from Master volume control. When I play a gig with a sound system, I have done this.

    3. When I practice at home I go through powered reference speakers using Main Out and I use the Master volume to control monitoring level.

    I know the difference between the powered speaker and output and the mains as I use them both regularly.

    Does anybody know how the unit could have, on its own, turned the monitor out to “off”, and not just a volume at zero situation, because that’s what I found.

    Embarrassed I can't talk about this effectively. Here are some pics.

    Page one of output. How it sits today after I corrected per the above.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Page 2 of output - I think this is what you were talking about. All the volumes are apparently linked to the master.

    [Blocked Image:]

    This was how I found the unit when it wasn't putting any sound out through the powered speaker jack

    [Blocked Image:]

    Which Outputs are Linked to your Master Volume in the Output Menu?

    If you turned the Master down after adjusting another Linked Output in the Output Menu, it is possible for some of the Linked Outputs to reach "0" before other Outputs.

    Hi Paul. Thanks. How do I check this? Either way, it would not have turned the Monitor Output completely off like I found it, would it?

    After thinking about this issue last night after getting it solved, per above, I wanted to add some context,

    I've used the Kemper for over a year now...including gigging to multi-states, large and small venues, etc. At band rehearsal last night, I plugged the unit in, and got no output from the powered output designed for external speakers. First time this ever happened. I was perplexed, and did not know what to check since I've not really experimented with the various output/input menus and other stuff - the unit has always just worked for me. I had to borrow an amp for the rehearsal session. It was quite frustrating.

    First thing I did when I got home from rehearsal was to do some basic searching on the issue. This thread took me to the solution above regarding the Monitor Output setting being "OFF". It worked, and the Kemper is back up and running...however, I remain perplexed as to how the unit got into that state? Is it possible something else I may have done could have caused that to happen in between rehearsals?

    The only change I know I made in that timeframe was to go into the output section on Page 6 to increase the volume for Aux-In so I could play some music through the Kemper for practice and learning songs. In this case, I turned UP the Aux-In Main as I use the main outs for my studio monitors. I went back into this section today, and found that this setting had been turned down to 0 as well - without my doing it. Very curious...

    Does anybody have any idea why the output section could be adjusting itself and turning things on and off without user intervention? What might cause the unit to reset elements of the output section?

    Anyway, I wanted to document this in case there's a broader issue. I've been treating the Kemper as a "plug and play" unit for the most part, and I'm bewildered at why all of a sudden things are being turned off without my intervention. If someone else has this issue, I'm hoping providing this context might have value...

    Ok guys, i was having the same issue and i thought my Toaster powerhead had a problem BUT as i was going through the output options on page 1, I realized my monitor output was off! I turned it to stack and it works! Hope that solves your issue :)

    This is the solution that worked for me, just to be clear. Thanks again.

    Just had this problem, and you solved it. Perfect. Thanks! My Monitor Output had somehow been set to off...bizarre. Never even used the menu before so I have no idea how my speaker output had been shut off on my PowerHead...

    Thanks, you just made my day. I've just realized that I have been daisy chaining two 8 Ohm Atomic CLRs for more coverage with my power toaster, and I was worried I fucked things up. I have a nice 1000 watt power amp that I'm going to use instead now. Thanks again.

    ...and then discover another world of flexibility.

    I use morphing as a way to increase my performance each performance I have extra boost, reverb and gain ( or different combinations of those things) that I can click between...hey presto, 10 sounds instead of 5...

    Thanks. Do you set the morphing feature as "instant on" or does it have to blend? If so, that could work just as I was hoping - for a momentary use of a phaser for a repetitive short segment in Van Halen's Aint' Talking Bout Love"....

    Many of you know that I recently joined the boards here after purchasing a Kemper PowerToaster...but it turns out that I am located in Central OH, and one of the most successful, long running bands in the area has been The Reaganomics - co-fronted by our very own Paul! I contacted him via PM, and he was kind enough to put me on the guest list for his show last Friday.

    My GF and I headed down there, and got treated to a couple really fun, high energy sets of classic 80's rock and pop! We had a great time. Paul's tone with the Kemper was awesome, and it's easy to see why the band has been around for over 18 years...great backing vocals, strong musicianship. and a band that loves to have fun on stage!

    Not sure where to post threads like this, but I wanted to thank Paul for his gracious hospitality, and for spending so much time with us talking about his playing career, playing live and recording with the Kemper, his tone, guitars, and other stuff.

    I tried hard to get a good shot of him and the Kemper in the same shot - lighting was tough...but I managed one!

    Cheers Paul!

    [Blocked Image:]