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    See 2 posts down and I've explained what I was missing


    Trying to set this up with Presonus Studio One for PC but Kemper USB doesn't show up in the track source selection within songs or in the device audio set up on the main page.

    I found a video of a guy with a different DAW (I forget which) using ASIO drivers but he said nothing about how he configured it once he'd installed the drivers and just jumped to an open project with everything working fine

    I downloaded what looked like the latest legit ASIO4ALL drivers and they show up in the device selection and config options on the main page now but, nothing I tried got me ASIO or Kemper USB as a sound source within the song window.

    The Kemper IS showing up in the ASIO4All config window as one of the connected devices but not as a selectable input source on the ASIO as Device Config Page within S1

    Can add pics and more detailed explanation tomorrow but was hoping it might be something obvious I'm missing that someone might point out overnight.


    This goofy thing has turned into a real headscratcher!

    Fired it up to begin the process of backing up to USB stick and no error message O,O

    Power Amp had returned to ON despite my having toggled it OFF last time I was using it

    Turned power amp OFF and restarted it and, again, no error message AND power amp was now back to OFF

    So, it SEEMS like it's found it's way back to functioning as intended on all fronts but I'm tempted to do a full Reset just to be sure. I'll resist that temptation for now and see how it fares over the weekend as I'm jamming on Saturday. In the meantime, another up to date backup of RM and a full backup of the Kemper to USB stick and put that aside just in case.

    Hopefully this is my last update haha

    If it does turn out that all is well and back to normal, thanks again so much to all who contributed to the thread and I hope the issue wasn't drawn out at all unnecessarily by user failure lol.

    Happy noodling all

    And then this morning, the expected next suggestion arrives (but I have some questions about this that will follow here if anyone can give me the short n simple info sought)...


    I recommend to try a reset and restore:

    I recommend performing a reset and restore:

    To reset the PROFILER to the as delivered state, please perform the following steps:

    1. First, create a backup as this process will delete all user data and reset all settings.

    2. Upgrade to the current PROFILER operating system release software. The steps are described in the manual.

    3. Press the SYSTEM button

    4. Press Factory Reset for 3 seconds

    5. Press YES

    6. Press and hold both CONFIRM buttons for 3 seconds. The Profiler will reset to the factory state.

    7. Restore the backup via a USB memory stick. The process is explained in the manual. The PROFILER will restart automatically.

    8. Shut down. Press and hold the two buttons, RIG and SYSTEM, while powering on. Keep holding until a message appears "Initializing…".

    The PROFILER will now start as a brand-new device under current software and will ask for your confirmation of date, time and Owner Name entry.


    Having rarely if ever had to restore my Kemper or Rig Manager from a backup until this recent bout of odd behaviour, I'm a bit unsure of exactly how it all works, what info is retained or stored where and what to expect once a restore is performed.

    My one concern that I hope does not happen is that the reset goes well and the issue that brought me here does not repeat but I worry that then restoring it to a backup created pre-reset will essentially restore the current state including the current problem. Hopefully that's a pointless concern but we shall see.

    I know I have a few backups from years past, before this problem began, that I could use if the above does happen so there's always hope I could use one of those as opposed to the most recent one I create this morning.

    But here's what I'm a little more confused about...

    If a Reset of the unit returns it to the brand new device state, I'm assuming all the current rigs and performances will vanish. from the unit itself But if I apply a backup of Rig Manager in its current state, with all rigs, folders and performances saved and organized as I like, will Rig Manager direct the Kemper to reload and restore all those rigs, folders and performances automatically or will it see that they're no longer on the Kemper and then respond differently, forcing me to then go in search of all these rigs and rebuild all my performances and folders etc from scratch?

    Because if its the latter, I think I should take some extra steps to record my current setup so that it makes the rebuilding of folders and performances a bit easier.


    Latest response from support...

    "do you shut down the Profiler by turning the Chickenhead switch to the Off position? Just cutting power by an external switch can cause the described behaviour.

    The User name, date and time are stored a short while after entering, so just leaving the Profiler on for a few minutes should suffice.

    The data is stored in flash memory, so a hardware issue should also lead to other effects like data loss."

    My reply...

    Hi and thanks for the reply!

    do you shut down the Profiler by turning the Chickenhead switch to the Off position? Just cutting power by an external switch can cause the described behaviour.

    I’ve never used any other means of turning it on aside from the chicken head switch.

    The User name, date and time are stored a short while after entering, so just leaving the Profiler on for a few minutes should suffice.

    Not sure I understand this. I have left it on and played it after entering info several times now but it always resets next time I power up

    The data is stored in flash memory, so a hardware issue should also lead to other effects like data loss

    The primary effect I’m aware of is just as described. Unit is behaving as if no user settings or preferences have been set in the past. Input and output settings, power amp ON, global EQ settings (I think), date time and owner name all reset. If Rig Manager is on when unit is turned on, it will prompt me to change name automatically as it recognizes that user names do not match. Stored Rigs remain available as that data s not being lost but it seems most other data is lost each time unit is turned off.

    Would a factory reset help or does the unit require servicing?

    Thank you

    Figured I'd upload this despite the fact it didn't get me the results I was looking for as it still may be of use to others

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    Did you do a System Settings reset on the Kemper after battery install? Maybe you have to do that?? I don't know.

    I was thinking of a factory reset last night but figured I'd wait to hear back from support. I seem to recall another issue I had years ago where I suggested a reset and they advised me it would do nothing to resolve the issue. The unit is usable as is. Just annoying. But the time it takes up in current state is minimal while the time I've so far put in to resolving it is adding up. Just gonna put it on the back burner for now so I don't eat up the whole weekend sweating over it

    Bit of good news but mostly shitty news for me, for now at least

    Battery swap went fine

    Reassembled toaster and powered up without anything connected but power

    First boot up resulted in Battery error and prompted me to manually set date and time as it had reset to 2010. This was as expected as it's the same error message the guy in the video had been getting and got the first time he fired up after battery replacement also.

    Added date and time, powered down, powered up and everything fired up as per normal.


    Or so I thought

    Proceeded to power down and reconnect remaining cables as per usual set up.

    Powered up a third time and initial issue returned. Same welcome message, power amp out defaulting to on once more (I almost never have it on at home as it is connected to a 4x12 but I rarely use it as my main outs go to a mixer and on to interface and powered monitors etc).

    Am now systematically unplugging all cables again to try to isolate what might have been different between 2nd boot up and 3rd but will likely give up shortly as I have other stuff I have to do tonight as well.

    Will update tech support and carry on conversation with them if and when I find I'm unable to resolve this on my own.

    Kind of baffled at this point. Disconnecting USB cable and network cable that leads to router and Kemper Remote did nothing and I was sort of thinking one of them might the culprit somehow.

    More later


    Disconnected everything but power cable and am back to square one with original error message repeating. Back to tech support I go

    Gonna drop this info here then paste over to follow up thread once all is back up and running and video is uploaded etc.

    Received this today in my email conversation with tech support. Pretty much describes exactly what the guy in the video posted earlier did. Only reason I'm gonna record my repair is to make it a bit shorter and more concise as the other one includes a lot of random unrelated chat. Entertaining but not necessarily needed when someone just wants to get the job over and done with...

    "You could change the battery yourself, but with the risk that something could happen.

    To be safe, I would advise you to send the device in.

    You must remove the front panel if you want to change the battery. First, remove all six screws from the cover. To remove the front panel, unscrew the four Torx screws on the bottom of the front panel, then unscrew the two nuts inside that hold the front panel. Now carefully tilt the front panel forward. Then disconnect the cables that are connected to the front panel. You have to be very careful when doing this. Inside the front panel, you will find the CR2032 battery. When changing the battery, you must be careful not to bend or break the holder holding the battery. After changing the battery, you must tighten the Torx screws and nuts. Finally, put the cover back on the device and tighten the six screws.

    No error message should appear, and the clock should run again. If you decide to send the device back, please let me know."

    About to begin the job now so should have my video up tonight or tomorrow barring any unexpected interruptions.

    /fingers crossed


    I assume the battery will be easy to see once the chassis cover is removed so you should not have to move anything else.


    The cover has to come off as well as another panel or two before the side of the board is exposed sufficiently to make the swap. if i recall the details of the vid I watched last night correctly. I'll be setting up a couple vid cams when I get around to doing mine and will post that once it's all done and back up n' running.

    Thanks for the site requirement info too btw : )

    based on this ... what's the lifespan of that 2032? I'm wondering if a little preventative maintenance is in order (i'm going to be changing rack cases for the Kemper Rack soon, so while its "unracked" I'm thinking I might go ahead and change this battery now. I bought my Rack used in early 2020 ... I don't know exactly what year the Rack was made so the battery is at least probably 3 years old.

    Mine lasted almost 7 years but I don't think I use anywhere near as much cowbell as you so, if you've got the chassis open, I'd say swap it while ya have the chance. Battery itself is under $10 so a cheap way to buy yerself some peace of mind for a good handful of years

    Borrowed the strap from my nephew shortly after my last post. Busy week and wanna take my time with this as it's not the battery swap that's tricky as getting access and, of course, reassembling correctly (I'm not the greatest precision tinkerer around) so wanna make sure I can take my time and do it right. Apparently, snapping the tab that holds the battery in place is a potential mistake too so I'm gonna be going slow n' easy on that particular step.

    Will try to remember to take pics or video to share (does this forum support direct addition of pics and/or video or do they need to be hosted elsewhere and linked in the post? - Photobucket died years ago and since then I haven't done any image posting that isn's supported directly)

    Good (ish) news / Bad news

    Support replied and suggested it's the battery as Bayou Texan suggested. Their email even named the battery type as 2032, again, as BT had said.

    Sadly, their email said nothing at all about how to replace it or the fact that, according to this thread Internal Backup Battery Replacement that attempting to do so on my own would void my warranty (I think mine is void anyways as I've had my Toaster over 6 years and never re-upped on any warranty) and that the swap is NOT recommended for non-pro tech folk such as myself.

    So, after dropping $8 on the battery and coming home to read this info, I call the retailer where I bought my KPA from and they want a $150 refundable deposit just to look at it and tell me $30 of this deposit is Non-Refundable should they refuse to do the job. Almost broke out laughing before politely ending the call.

    There's a tech shop close to me that I suspect will do the job for $20 but I'm tempted to try it myself following the very long drawn out description found here

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    unless someone here can guide me to a more efficient and reliable link

    Will also reply to support email to see if they now offer a link to a reliable guide

    Would have ruled if there was just a simple bottom panel access or something but I guess I'll have to rip the rig apart and start disassembling my baby to see what makes her ticker tick

    The last 3 times I've fired up my powered profiler, I've been met with the following message on the display


    Please take a minute to setup your KEMPER PROFILER!

    and am prompted to add date and time and my name etc

    Starting Rig Manager before following above prompts results in the following message from RM:

    The author's name of your KEMPER PROFILER differs from the the name in Rig Manager. Do you want to set both to "my name"?

    All my content in RM seems to have vanished as well

    Any ideas anyone? Google doesn't seem to turn up anything and I don't wanna have to import a backup everytime I boot up