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  • I am experiencing the exact same thing. Were you able to return to the previous update?

    • I'm going to install 8.7.10 today and I'll post and update. Berkhard pushed back on my desire to downgrade ... which I sort of take as "of course" since they create the software. But I've checked everything, and like others I've had zero issues with the Profiler until the upgrade, and then the issues started almost immediately. I think logic dictates that when more than a couple users start experiencing similar problems after a common OS update, the first thing you look at is the OS update. I also note that the prior OS was not available on the download page on Thursday (2/9) hence me contacting kemper to get a copy. They have now provided the prior OS on the Downloads page ... that suggests to me they are getting a number of support requests about the new OS.

      They should really just have an archive of all the prior OS' available for users.