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    So I tried reading the long thread on the Player, I’ve watched 4 or 5 YouTubes on the Player, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this: can I load 2 or 3 performances off my Rack to the Player to use it as a small/portable grab n’ go? I have a performance I use for my strat, one for my tele, and one for LP. I don’t use a lot of fx in each (maybe boost or drive, maybe a chorus for cleans, maybe some delay). Can I load those on the player and use it as a limited Rack?

    Thanks all. Last time I messed with (maybe when it was rectashaper) it wasn’t that pronounced and didn’t produce that high octave as clearly I’d like. I’ll work with the newer Octashaper.

    Thanks again.

    curious if anyone has found/developed a good Octavia effect. I've searched the forums and the only hits are many years old. I'm looking for a straightforward, classic Octavia effect (think Hendrix, Kenny Wayne Shepherd on "Blue on Black", etc.). The versions from the old threads are combinations of effects, a bit convoluted, and not as impactful as an Octavia.

    thanks for any thoughts.

    apologies if this has been asked/answered already ... tried searching but didn't find a clear answer. For OS 10 and Liquid Profiles, is there much benefit to be had from adding the specific Liquid Profile Amp Model to an existing commercial, non-LP profile if you don't know the G/T/M/B settings of the original profile?

    I'd agree it sounds like RFI. What country are you in? Is your Kemper power aligned with your country (i.e., you're not using an adapter to make a US kemper plug into European outlets or vice versa)?

    In addition to the great advice others have stated, that sound would have me (1) checking the Kemper input and output jacks to make sure they are tight, and I might clean them (w/ Deoxit); (2) as mentioned, look everywhere for fluorescent lights, wifi enable bulbs, smart speakers (eg., Alexa), routers, etc. in the room with the Kemper; and (3) see if you can determine what is on the circuit you are plugging into (is there a refrigerator, heater, other appliance?).

    Also, make sure you are not laying your cell phone on top of the rack.

    Did I understand you do not get this noise with low gain (clean) rigs? It may be harder to hear, but if its RFI you should hear something (you may have to turn up the volume on a clean rig to hear it).

    I think also you can do a new Liquid Profile in what’s been called the “white coat” protocol where you do a new Liquid Profile and set your amp with all tone controls at noon (midpoint) and gain at 10 (max). The manual seems to imply this yields the most “usable” LP.

    Interested to hear the experts. I’ve yet to upgrade to OS 10 waiting for the official release.

    I've always thought that, absent needing a special overdriven or distortion sound, it would always be better to have tube amps driven hard. Of course, volume then becomes the issue. I used to run a multiple amp setup with at lease one amp pushed very hard into overdrive/distorition, with an attenuator on it, and used that for my lead sound. I've always thought that running a tube screamer or rat into a clean marshall was basically just hearing the pedal, not the amp so much. One of the reasons touring pro's have multiple amps (in addition to backups).

    with the Kemper, I find I use the amp's gain settings (and different performance slots or morphing) to do that. I still use a Kemper OD occasionally but I prefer the sound of the profiled amp kicked up several notches -- with Liquid Profiles, I think this will get even better.

    Certainly there are times when you want/need a good fuzz tone, which most amps don't really do when pushed.

    I don't listen to H.E.R. and am neither a fan nor critic. But based on the above post I went and listened to the YouTube of her Purple Rain solo. There was a comment in that YouTube that said "it’s like she doesn’t practice at all. It’s natural to her bruh." and I almost replied, "yes, it clearly sounds like she doesn't practice at all."

    But, pop music is pop music, and there's a lot of stuff my my teen years that everyone went nuts over that listening to now makes you cringe. Such is the nature of art, particularly when there's a lot of marketing dollars behind it. The moment any artist decides they'd like to be paid, they enter the "machine." It's only a matter of degree after that. Do I wish there were more (or at least some) music companies run by musicians? Yes. But I also which many companies were run by "users" (hello cable, cell phone, etc.) who were more aligned with the customers.

    Taylor Swift isn't my cup of tea, but I certainly tip my hat to her, her work ethic, her focus on the fans' experience, her generosity, and the almost immeasurable impact she's having on the business. I'd love to see her start a label that focused on the artists the way she wished she had been focused on by ol' Scooter. I think she has the industry juice to pull that off.

    But, artists of all mediums have been screwed by the "machine" since the beginning of time (just ask Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Howlin' Wolf, etc.). But really that's no different than any industry where the creator is not in charge of the company selling the creation.

    Thanks, but what tone model is used for the generic gain to send a fender dlx rev into a gain of, say, 8?

    In my understanding, the current (non-LP) tone controls are similar to changing the tone on the mixer channel the amp is mic’d into - you’re not changing the amp’s tone controls, you’re changing the tone of the amp’s mic’d (or recorded) sound.

    I can’t get my head around the gain in this scenario, however - and haven’t really thought about it before liquid profiles. Turning up the mixer’s “gain” on a recorded or mic’d amp doesn’t increase it overdrive or distortion. So what is the Kemper doing with generic gain above that which the amp could actually generate?

    I wonder if someone can answer this question: what does the gain knob do differently on a regular profile and a LP? I read this thread, watch both the Tone Junkie and HW/Michael Britt videos, and I think I understand the tone knobs.

    But unclear now what the gain knob is doing in a regular profile vs in a LP. It seems to me in a LP the gain is modeling what the gain in the profiled amp would do (ie, in HW’s vid he explains that for a fender dlx reverb you’d never get a above about 5.5 on the gain because that’s all the amp has). So what are we hearing in a standard profile deluxe when you crank the gain the 8?

    It doesn't appear like there is any naming or extension that identifies a Liquid Profile from a "regular" profile. This seems like it's going to create confusion when you have a number of similar amp rigs, some of which are LP and some not. Am I missing something?

    that would be a good idea. Although, for first aid at a gig, if it's more than confirm cables are connected correctly (due to no sound), I think having a backup rig is the only practical first aid. There likely isn't time to do much else ... I suppose the band could take an immediate break (which the club will love) while you try to install a backup, etc., but that takes a lot of time and can introduce issues of its own.

    It's a bit the same as having your amp go down at a gig ... I always carried spare tubes and such, but realistically the only good first aid was having a second amp ready to go. I had my wireless go down during a set once, and I just jettisoned it and went with a cable (which was already on top of my rack in case it was needed) for the rest of the gig.

    For me, the stress induced in trying to do any significant troubleshooting while at the gig is worse than just using a backup rig (even if that doesn't give me "my" sound or options).

    but everyone is different, and having a list of first aid items would be a good idea.

    Dr. Z has two Kemper packs they made themselves. Available on their website.

    I've got those too. I love Dr. Z and have been using his amps for years (Z28, Therapy, ZPlus, Remedy) - I think he is second to none. The profiles are not that great to my ear (compared to, say, Michael Britt). I've reach out to Britt to see if he was planning a Dr Z pack himself -- and he's not (but is available for custom work if you want). I need to get off my a$$ and profile the amps I have myself. :S

    I've bought their Zee Pack and their Acoustic Pack 1, and like them both. I've got a few Dr Z amps and nobody has a really, really great profile of them (I'm going to try my hand at profiling them myself). That said, the Selah's are good, Jim Lill's are good (his are really targeting sounds on a few of Brad Paisley's songs - intro, rhythm, lead, etc., and are Stingray's mostly)