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    This back in February 2012

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    I got mine just while afterwards.

    I had been close, and then I saw the Anderton's video. Soon after KPA on it's way.

    Here are my thoughts,, I JUST got my Kemper very recently.

    I WAS a tube amp-a-holic.

    I have been through a lot of tube amps, mass-produced and boutique..

    I Decided to go 'digital', so that I could stop that revolving door of amps. I also felt, that the tech was finally here, so that, I could get the same feel and tone of those tube amps, but at a bare minimum, a quality sounding instrument. And of course, minimizing footprint of my rig. All of which any of the digital options will satisfy.

    First, videos are a poor way to judge an amp. The recording quality is usually crappy, using bad equipment that loses a lot. Additionally, a youtube video is SO compressed that adds even more.tone loss.
    Though, on that subject, part of my reason for going Kemper over Axe WAS that the Kemper vids out there were better sounding to me than others.

    But, go to one of the commercial profile sites that have actual recorded clips of Kemper profiles, like…ategory/amps/amps_pack_1/

    Listen to their samples with good monitors or headphones. That will give you a better idea of the tones.

    It was the tone I hears of the Kemper, that was a big selling point for me.

    It was also all the professionals that have made the switch to a Kemper (and a lot of them with amps like your Uberschall..

    I REALLY liked the concept of 'profiling', i.e. capturing my, and others, tube amps. What Axe and modelers do, is similar, but the differences is what drew me to the Kemper.

    I also liked the relative simplicity of creating Profiles (it really is simple). The process is not very difficult to do, in general. Granted, not all profiles are created equal, so there is some technique to getting great profiles.

    I also liked the relative simplicity of the interface. I wanted as close to the simplicity I had on my tube amps, of dialing in my tone and playing. I think the KPA has this over the other options. With a good profile, there is little more than adjusting eq for the room and volume, with simple knobs, and off you go.

    Ultimately, I want to play more, record more, and tweak less, tone search less.

    Some mention the lack of an editor as a minus. It is, I guess. But, to do any serious tweaking on an Axe or Helix, you HAVE to have an editor imho. Using the 'stock' interface is just too time consuming. IMHO, one can use the KPA interface without too much hassle. Yes, an editor would be nice, but it isn't NEEDED, where I think it really is, practically speaking on the others.

    All the above got me to get a KPA to my door (no real place near to try)/ It was how it sounded and more importantly felt and responded, when I first played it that sold me (I could still return it, and was prepared to). Hearing M Britt's JCM 800 cranked profile through even 5" Studio monitors was truly an OMG moment. I felt like I was playing a cranked JCM 800 at 83 or so db.

    I knew, this machine had ended my need for different amps, and could allow me to find MY tone and be part of the instrument that is me, guitar and amp.

    And ultimately, the latter is what is most important. Which option can best help you achieve the same for you.

    Obviously, it would be best if you could try all options in person.

    As an aside. Personally I am an FRFR believer. I can get good tone with the KPA into a guitar CAB. But, I do think my 8" stereo Monitors, or my Atomic CLR wedge have allowed me to get the best tone I have ever had..

    Do you have rig manager?


    Then unzip the downloaded zip file somewhere
    Go into Rig Manager.
    Select local
    Use file pulldown and import into local, use window to select the downloaded files.
    Connect KPA, if not.
    Preview or upload to KPA as you desire.

    Get a USB stick,
    Insert it into running kemper's slot on back.
    Screen will ask if you want to format it. Do so.
    When done remove.
    Insert on computer with downloads.
    Copy downloaded files to shared folder on drive.
    Insert back on KPA.
    Will ask what to do, select import rigs.

    My newest 2 (got them within a week of each other, in last month)

    AXL USA Bel Air

    Body and neck made overseas, hardware, electronics, all but caps (Orange Drops), made in US (CTS pots, TV Jones Pup, wire), frets, hardware install, electronics install setup, finish work done in US.

    [Blocked Image:]

    And my Epiphone 100th Anniversary Les Paul Custom. I put SD Pearly Gates in it

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Pic of the new KPA below.

    Have had to force myself to do the day to day stuff, as I keep playing on the Kemper.

    Been debating to move from my tube amps for some time. Decided to take the plunge, and boy am I glad I did.

    Game changer.

    Spent hours just jamming on a cranked JCM 800, at 80 dbs, with all the character, feel, squash I would expect.

    Running it through a pair of 8" Studio Monitors for now, getting a Xitone wedge soon.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]