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    hi everyone from kemper fourm just dropping a few words I just sold my kemper after 4 years I've had a great experience with this unit and learned a great deal about amplification and it is one of the best digital products on the market I've gone down another path on my guitar journey and just want to thank you all for sharing tips and Info on the great product and I wish everyone best of luck on your guitar journeys, go raibh mile Maith agat .

    peace ✌ out

    ian flynn

    just reading your thread I'm going through similar things I went from tube amps to kemper in 2018 and took me about 3 months to get used to it and it's an amazing piece of gear, for recording and playing through headphones I actually learned a lot about different amps both vintage and modern but getting the tube amp sound and feel I too bought fryette ps-100 and atomic clr neo frfr I even got zilla cabs to make me fatboy 2x12 with kemper kones was great but just not there, currently I'm playing most of the time though my Marshall jcm2000 into two notes captor x into UA Apollo Twin into DAW Reaper and into CLR or just headphones and cudnt be happier the Kemper is an amazing tool and I really enjoyed the last few years using it but like you said its time for me to move it on for someone else to experience it I'm selling my fryette ps-100 and Kemper and going to invest in orange rockerverb mklll so I suppose the kemper made me more interested in tube amps more than ever lol

    i know. I love Andy’s tone and playing.

    I think he does that mainly for convenience though. In the past he ran separate rigs for clean and dirty. He has run JCM800 in the past and still uses some Marshalls on recordings (if I remember correctly). His live sound until a few years ago was a Mesa Stilleto (Mesa’s attempt at a classic JCM style tone) for lead with a Lonestar for clean. That required double the amps and double the cabs plus mic’ing both etc. Now he uses a single amp and pedals to try and get the same sound. I’m sure if touring costs for staff, setup times, shipping costs etc weren’t an issue he would probably still love to carry the double amp setup but in the modern touring economy costs and portability matter a lot.

    My point is just that with the Kemper you don’t need to stick a pedal in front of a clean amp to recreate the sound of an iconic head - just use the iconic head because it is no less convenient.

    fair point my friend the kemper is a great tool your bang on correct about all your info on andy timmons happy guitar journey :thumbup:

    no the celestion vintage 30 is 60w and you can get a celestion heritage green back is 30w so 90w so of course you couldn't max out a 100 w amp but who can I actually was surprised how the speaker imprints sounded through my 1x12 cab with vintage 30 I'm powering the kemper with the new fryette ps 100 some piece of kit KT88s in it sound unreal

    hi mick I got a zilla fatboy cab with two celestion kemper kones and have to say after 3 days I perfer my celestion vintage 30 1x12 cab so going to chg my zilla fatboy 2x12cab to celestion vintage 30 and heritage green back what is your thoughts on the zilla fatboy 2x12 cab kilkenny man here ha

    trust your ears if it sounds good it's good lol I have a unpowered toaster well which is powdered by the new fryette PS-100 going Into a 1x12 cab with celestion vintage 30 and actually using the kemper speaker imprints sounds unreal dunno if it's the KT88s in the fryette or what, I have a zilla fatboy 2x12 with 2 kemper kones on the way cant wait to hear that will keep ye posted

    hi Michael taught the crank an go pack was unreal but this 2020 even better again did you change your profiling technique or somthing plus love to hear your review of the new kemper kab I have an unpowered toaster so im goin to get the fryette power station and kab the FPS has tubes in so should be good keep up the great work .