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    A live vid from Marco Fenton (kemper profiler). The demoed says the software is version 6.0 ar 2:40 or so

    Can any of our community that speak Italian translate what Marco is saying at the end of the vid?

    Hi from Italy.

    Marco says that "you can choose the sim of the cab you prefer, there's a new cabinet section, and that there's the possibility to edit several parameters of this new cab section"


    Hi everybody.

    The question is in the subject. Connections for profiling an amp are very well explained, but since I have an Aura Spectrum DI, and someone has already profiled it on Rig Exchange, I'd like to try,

    Is it correct this way:

    - DIRECT OUTPUT/SEND of the Profiler to the guitar input of the Aura Spectrum...right?

    - Now...which output of the Aura Spectrum to the RETURN of the Kemper? Aura Spectrum has both an Output Jack AND an XLR out...which one of these goes to the Return?

    ...or I'm missing something?



    Which one is the Vox pack you're talking about? I cannot see it in MBritt's profiles list...

    In the Private Forums Section there is a "Profiles for Bass Players" directory. OK.

    Now, even more now that there's a new "Acoustic" option in classifying Rigs in the Rig Manager, and considering that many (me encluded) use successfully Kemper with the acoustic guitar, what about a new directory "Profiles for Acoustic Guitar" in the forum?

    Think about it...


    -You can filter Acoustic rigs probably only in Rig Manager. On the kemper under rigs Soft Button I - I still see "Just Bass" as a filtering option but not yet "Just Acoustic". Or Am I losing something?

    Same here, so it seems the filter is only in Rig manager. I agree, it would be so much better if on the Kemper under the Rigs button one could find a new "Acoustic" option. I thought *that* would have been the new Acoustic option... :(


    I don't know if someone else has already asked, but when installing the new version of Rig Manager (Mac) should I first uninstall the older version, and then install the new one, or can I install directly the new version, regardlessly of the previous one?

    The question is rather general, probably, but anyway...

    what kind of cable do I need to connect the SPDIF out to the SPDIF IN of my audiocard? I mean, is it mandatory to use a "Digital Audio Coaxial" cable, or any RCA audio cable is OK?

    And, if a "Digital Audio Coaxial" cable is needed, could you please link me some model that's OK? I'm asking because I'm having problems inserting a digital audio coax cable in the Kemper SPDIF IN: the plug cannot go inside the connector firmly, I don't know why...

    The strange thing is that the same audio cable has no problem at all, when inserted in the SPDIF OUT of another gear (Roland VG-99). So...are there different SPDIF out sockets???




    a couple of newbie questions about Rig Exchange:

    - suppose I have a zipped file of rigs files in a folder of my Mac. How do I unzip it in the Rig manager's Local Library?

    - is it possible to create sub-folders in Rig Exchange's "MyProfler" (in other words, create subfolders inside the Kemper itself)?


    Thanks Dan,

    I understand, since my main worry now with the kemper is exactly this: to avoid to be overwhelmed by thousands of rigs...

    So, more in general, what's you main suggestion to begin slowly, without confusion? Suppose I'm more into jazz, clean, fusion and acoustic sounds. What's the best way to begin? For instance, is there a way to stay away, in my kemper (or in the rig exchange) from the metal sounds, and stuff like that? :D


    Hi everybody,

    my first message here, so a newbie question for sure ^^ .

    I've just bought my kemper, and I see there's a new OS (5.0). My question is: if I download and install on the Kemper the Factory Content 5.0, will I find this way in the kemper also the rigs of the Factory Content 4.2, the rig packs 01, 02, 04 the Amp Factory Rig Packs, and the Legacy RigPacks, all packs that I see downloadable in the Download page, OR are those completely different rigs?