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    Over Tennessee weather.

    Violent, sudden thunderstorms with damaging winds and torrential waterfall.

    92F degrees Monday. Sounds great?!

    With relative humidity high, ‘+70mb’, it pumps up to around 100F.

    I've spent time during the dogs days of summer in Hong Kong. You walk outside with a wet cloth with you to keep your lips, nose, and eyes from getting boiled and carry an umbrella AT ALL TIMES!!! 100% blue sky and blink a couple of times and BAM! torrential downpour. Rain that actually hurts. Also spent APR thru JUN living in Tempe, AZ. Once hit 113 degrees out on our patio - at 1:00AM.

    But the absolute worst, most oppressive, and flat out life draining weather I've ever experienced was a 3 day stay in August in Hope, AK. Your post brought back those memories - thanks?

    I find it kinda crazy the whole FRFR thing. What guitarist in their right mind wants a tweeter? Most tweeters are 3/4" or 1" and need to be crossed over around 2-2.5K, otherwise they'd get fried by the lower frequencies. Normal operating range of an electric guitar is about 80 to 1200Hz. Factor in first and second order harmonics and we'll have a lot of energy around 2.5K and occasionally in the 4-5K range but that's really only the pinch harmonics and squeal. Why the heck would you want a dedicated HF driver that's really only going to be working hard to reproduce stuff, that even with a FR 12" paper cone, can sound irritating at times.

    They look nice. I had a friend who ran a music shop and used to stock Cort. He swore by them. I think he said they are actually made on the same production line as Ibanez without the price premium.

    Cort has been one of the largest instrument builders in the world for some time now. Lots of brands have Cort build their off-shore guitars. You've probably played a Cort and don't even know it. Congrats on the new axe!

    (1) I cannot recall a case, in my experience, where choosing "clean" resulted in a profile that seems to be a gainy profile with "gain" control turned down.

    (2) Are you sure that the profile you are getting "sounds just like the amp?". How are you comparing?

    (1) You may have misunderstood the issue that let to the discussion: I direct profiled a gained amp and was puzzled why the profile came out with the Kemper gain setting at 0.0 and a super clean tone. I had to increase the gain manually after-the-fact to make the profile sound like the amp. That question has been answered - my error during profiling.

    (2) Yes. I've been playing it for 2 days now with the real amp in-between and I can't stop smiling. I did swap the OH cab with one I had saved: a 3P 2x12 cab from one of MBritt's Heritage files. This picture shows my setup. Having the KP monitors down low makes things a bit more comparable.

    (I have a separate set of speakers at ear level for music/DAW, etc.)

    Did you by chance tell the kemper that it was profiling a clean rig rather than an overdriven one?

    Was thinking about this last night. Why is the default when profiling a <clean profile> which you then have to toggle off? This should be the opposite.

    As noted, once I turn the gain up the profile sounds just like the amp does. So it profiles a gained amp and is somehow able to remove the distortion (while saving it to put back if you want to) and give you a clean representation of the amp. Does anyone understand the tech that's going on here?

    Is it that once the amp is profiled the software just defaults the gain knob to zero if you leave <clean profile> on?

    Did you by chance tell the kemper that it was profiling a clean rig rather than an overdriving one?

    BINGO!!!! I remember seeing that as a soft button option and in hindsight it was lit - I should have shut it off. THANK YOU!

    What's really cool is the amp got back it's natural growl voice when the 'gain' was added back in. Now I'm going to compare

    the Kemper 'clean' profile against how clean I can get the amp. If the Kemper is cleaner and retains the Taco flavor I may have

    accidentally stumbled across something pretty cool!

    Hopefully someone sheds some light. It sounded like an unplugged guitar loading the profile stock from the exchange with the gain at 0. I'm gonna get a lot of 1/2 star votes, if any! ||

    Does anyone know why the profile came out with the gain set at 0? Should I have pre-set a level before profiling?

    Again, setting gain at around 6.4 on the DI profile brought it back to match the original profiled tone/gain.

    20 watt Friedman Pink Taco. Pretty hi-gain using a strat with vintage style pickups.

    Most everything flat (tube shape 3.3) so you can adjust to your liking. I used a OwmHammer Raw 15 from the GNR pack in the Cab section and it sounded pretty good.

    Would love feedback of any kind. Being my first shot I need to learn how to refine DI profiling. (my place is WAY too small to mic a cab properly)

    Name: Friedman Pink Taco DI-1

    Author: Don

    EDIT. Not sure why the the file has the gain at 0. I increased it to 6.4 which is about right.

    Only fair to chime in here. I gave in to all of the hype and picked up a Friedman PT-20 combo about 3 weeks ago. I have enough time with it to say that believe everything you read - the tones I'm getting out of this thing are glorious. Everything from early 70s classic plexi rock to 80s modded JCM800 with ridiculous amounts of gain on tap. Cleans up really well with the guitar's knobs and by simply adjusting your picking - but when you dig in - the best Marshall crunch and saturated tones without any flub on the low end - stays really tight and articulate even with fast playing! Excellent MV too. Very usable for late night and because the amp is voiced around the pre-amp, it doesn't lose much when you turn it down (Fletcher Munson aside). Rock solid construction too.

    On top of that, I've reached out to inquire about adding some mods and have been going back and forth with Dave Friedman himself via email. He even turned me on to his cabinet maker so I could pick up a head shell.

    Regardless of his views on modeling/profiling, the man makes a killer amp which he supports personally. I see a mini-Dirty Shirley in my future.

    For the record, playing through the Friedman has actually made me appreciate the KPA even more. Bert M's BE-100 profiles captured the Friedman thing to a tee. When I have the house to myself the LOUD combo peels a little paint, the rest of the time the KPA takes center stage. Win win!