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    I think it works great on some amps and on others I really miss the midrange from the generic eq. So I just pick and choose what sounds best.

    Thanks for the speedy response! That sounds like a thoughtful and measured way to approach the liquid Kemper updates, particularly since they haven't released models that match the more off-beat & hybrid style amps.

    For all of you new Profiler Player users, here is my pack of tones for the little guy!

    Hi Michael,

    Are there any plans for liquid updates to your existing packs for the full size Kemper units? I suspect many of us have been replacing the Kemper legacy amp with better matched liquid versions in the profiles we’ve bought. But we don’t have your golden ears or access to the settings the amps were profiled with, which makes that process somewhat hit & miss / less than perfect.

    Thanks and very much appreciate the HUGE library of EXCELLENT profiles over the years!


    Heya Bert,

    I'm trying to buy the new pack on your new site but having a few issues:

    1. There's no United States or USA entry in the site checkout field. From what I can tell, my transaction can't go to the next step without it and my card validation would fail regardless if i chose a different country.
    2. I didn't see a discount code in my mailbox though I am subscribed. Not in junk either

    Thanks very much!

    Did you work with Michael Britt on these then? The web site description seems to obliquely suggest that:

    "I contacted a good friend who is a Nashville first call studio cat, a touring guitarist for a major country act, as well as a long time Z Amp user for some assistance. He has been a Kemper user for years and enjoyed the wide range of guitar tones available in studio with his Kemper"


    This is a bug in the current kemper OS release. Deletions from rig manager don't always replicate to the kemper.

    I reported it and tested with the beta OS and found that it does SEEM to be fixed by the beta (any other issues with the beta aside).

    A (tedious) work around is to directly delete rigs from the kemper instead.


    Yep. The KPA gets upset & freezes when the USB connection is interrupted or the connected computer goes to sleep. It's usually OK when actively editing in Rig Manager.

    When I'm done fooling around in Rig Manager and ready to play, I make sure Rig Manger is off. You could take the further step to disconnect the USB cable if you want to be completely safe from USB related issues.


    Thanks! Happy to be here!

    Have been playing tube amps for about 10 years now & the Kemper is the first digital system that i've tried that's good enough for nearly everything!

    Tried various pods and software modelers over the years and found them variously horrible to pretty good with caveats for specific purposes. Nothing nearly as good.


    The USB connectivity between rig manager and the Kemper seems a bit flaky in general. If my computer goes to sleep while the Kemper is on and plugged in, the Kemper screen and controls will often lock up. The audio profile in use keeps working, but nothing else works until the computer is woken up or Kemper is unplugged. Everything comes un-stuck at that point.