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    Press and hold button "one" at top left of display screen beside Type knob while turning on KPA to tuner - hold until it says Maintenance module.

    Press same button [Recovery]

    Press "third" button [Init&Factory Content], it'll ask if you're sure, press "second" [Yes]

    Once it's finished press "second" button [Ok]

    Then press exit button on KPA, below Browse knob

    Finally, press "fourth" button [ReBoot], it'll ask if you're sure, press "second" button [Yes]

    It will automatically rebuild Factory Rigs.

    Set up Date and Time by pressing "fourth" button

    Enter name, use page <> button on KPA and use "second" button to [Clear] existing characters and Browse knob to select alphanumerically.

    Press "fourth" button [Let's go]

    Use Rigmanager to get organized again.


    Welcome aboard!

    With having lost my mother to Lymphoma I can understand and wish you well.

    Anyway, if you find the time to profile your efforts would be welcome!

    I'm very sorry for your loss deadpan, sending good juju and prayers your way!!! I will keep fighting the beast and look forward to sharing here. Thank you very much, and thanks again to everyone for welcoming me to the family!


    The key is buying gear that looks similar to stuff you already own, but That only gets you past the wife aspect... :evil:

    That's actually happened once before but it was totally unintentional. Like "where did that attenuator come fromm", rememmmber, "you let me buy it 4 months ago"!!! LMAO

    I'll give my cabs a go and see how they respond. Seems like there's no point in having a Greenie, V30 and Jensen loaded cab to cover all tones when a FRFR can pull them all off. I'm not a cover guy anymore though, all originals and as I've read the Greenies offer the most diversity. I also have a Yorkville 50KW that I'm sure would work in a pinch for monitoring at least? Thanks for your input Sunshine!

    Well where to begin lol.

    I've been playing for 25 years, (I'm 45 this year), the odd gig here and there, but mostly recording for the past 15. I have a huge catalog of jams etc and now it's time to make sense of it all and re- tweak everything, even re-record with the KPA to leave a legacy for my three kids, wife and family. I mostly play rock, blues, some metal and instrumental styles.

    A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and did 9 months of chemotherapy with the hopes of cure, (we could never figure out why chemo wasn't working and the cancer was progressing)? After reviewing the pathology again I found out that I was misdiagnosed and I actually have a very rare type of T-cell lymphoma. I was scheduled for an auto transplant (my own cells), in January, but due to an infection it was postponed and the cancer progressed even further. I'm now getting another chemo to keep it stable until mid august (fingers crossed), when I will be getting an allo transplant (a very generous and kind persons cells). I wasn't going to mention any of this but as time is of the essence in a sense for me, I thought I would. Surely I'll have questions regarding the KPA and if they are already posted in other threads I apologize for them in advance.

    Also, a friend of mine has a nice collection of amps ranging from 70's Marshalls to Slo100 to Carr's etc... we'd like to profile them and offer them up but does anyone really need more of these lol? Regardless, worth a shot. It would be a shame not too.

    I'm stoked to be here just wish it was sooner. My story wasn't meant to be a drag but life is tricky and from what I'm gathering the KPA can be too...



    This. Well, and your time & budget. If you have the wherewithall to try everything out there, go for it. It's a slippery slope though and you really need to come up with a good way of identifying an objective baseline. If not, with our hearing being subjective and all sorts of variables playing into our perception of sound at any given time, you could be chasing your tail for a long time.

    Well said and wise words no doubt. Budget won't allow that, nor my wife lol. "Objective baseline" - absolutely right, that's the plan now. Thank you fhh!


    I'm also looking but I have unpowered toaster, seems a bit of a minefield though lots go for the DXR 10.

    To be honest, for the moment I'm sticking my Kemper Monitor out into the return FX of an old Vox 120w Valvetronix, and with a little tweaking. It's pretty good !

    It's really what sounds good to you, I saw Pete Thorn rave on about the Atomic CLR cab, but then others hated it, wha to do !

    Thanks spark, I'm really on the fence here lol. Considering I haven't received my KPA yet I decided to hold off and try my cabs first. There is so much good info here and the DXR 10 looks good for sure. I'm in Canada so with tax/duty/shipping/exchange things get expensive.


    Hey, newbie here lol!!!


    Firstly, gotta thank the mods and users here for helping make things a bit easier on us newbs, and for maintaining a nice board.

    I've been looking for a Kemper for so long and finally purchased one I could afford... sweet!!! It's a lunchbox with a Camplifier 180. I'm sure I'll have a few questions in the future but this is about speakers. I've read a few threads and understand FRFR passive / powered is the way to go but funds demand a different approach at the moment.

    I own a couple Mesa V-30 4x12 (Straight no baffle & Tradional Stiletto), cabs and a 69 Marshall cab w/ G12H-30's. I'm sure both will sound decent if not awesome, with cab sim turned off. However, I have an opportunity to buy an Avatar 2x12 with "Black Label" EVM12L's. My thought is that these wouldn't "color" the sound as much and will work for jammin?

    Any thoughts would certainly be appreciated before I buy.

    Thanks in advance,