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    okey yeah good point.

    Another possibility would be to have a rig connection between browser and performance mode. if the rig is edited in browser, it is also edited where it happens to be placed in performance mode. could even be a option when clicking 'store' , to have a button 'update linked rigs'

    Yeah something liket this is what i need. Though, it would be most useful if it was possible to do on the fly without the need of the rig manager. I agree that the lock-functunality could be abit too complicated, and I like your idea of a batch edit option. Do you think it would be too complicated to have the batch-edit mode in the kemper interface?

    Like, say you are in performance mode, you enter the "edit" meny, and besides the "arrange" button, there is a "batch edit" button. While in this mode, everything you tweak in say slot 1 of a performance also changes the co-responding rigs in the same slot in other performances. This way you can start sorting your performances based on what you want to change. So say slot 1 always is for rythm and slot 2 always is for solo, 3 for clean etc.

    Then you can watch the performance mode more like a grid. With rows and columns connected in a way.

    Hope it makes sense! Just brainstorming aswell

    You can just tweak it once then copy the tweaked version to all slots.

    Yes, but with 10-20 performances that is alot of copying. Switching back and forth based on some different scenarios is time consuming. My solution to this now is to have 2 sets of performances with small changes (different gain, EQ and cabinet) but this is alot to mange over time. Making a change menas i have to copy everything i do over to the other set of performances aswell.

    I use alot of performances. Usually one for each song. But each performance usually has a rig that is the same in every performance. If i want to tweak this, I have to tweak it for every performance. Im sure it's not only me struggeling with this.

    A solution is to use the lock function. But say i want to tweak the gain with lock on the amp-section. I only want to tweak the gain for all gained out rigs. This is not possible, right?

    If the rig-menu had a "lock section" that is a menu with buttons for all(or some) of the different things that can be locked. Say one for Input, Stomps, Stack and Effects. And say you tick the "bypass lock" on the Stack section.

    This could actually make the lock function be used to tweak several choosen rigs in performance mode.

    Proud to share with you my new EP, mixed and made with mostly kemper profiles.


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    All tracks recorded and tweaked with the kemper. Made by the band Råte.

    Has anyone in this thread tried the LFR-112 with bass guitar?

    So far all the reviews are from guitarists, which is good for me as a guitarist, but bad for me as a bassist. Any input would be helpful.


    Seems to me like a bug. As far as my understanding, a merged profile minus cab sim and DI from same profile should be identical.

    Try yourself. Open up a DI profile. Play trough a real cab. Then add a cab sim and turn it off. The sound gets cut in highs, and lose some depth.

    Would be interesting to see if someone else can spot this.

    Yes right,the only thing that matters is the sound on the PA first . If you,re on stage you'll never it is as good as the people in the audience. And people are looking at the singer anyway ,so if you are just the guitar player in the back with his Kemper dont worry too much about the cab sound. If its a professional show you should even get decent monitoring ... right?

    yeah ur right. The exploration of this effect is still really interesting. I guess people have found this before me, but if someone is missing the authentic "amp in the room" feel from a DI profile, it might be because there is added a cab sim. Even if it's turned off. To keep the DI profile as good as possible, never add a cab sim to the profile. After this point, the original DI profile is lost forever. As long as it's not stored elsewhere. That's at least what have experienced. Cool if someone knows otherwise.

    ''without any cab added, it sounds great trough a V30 cab'' So thats the way to go... Personally when it sounds good, thats the way I go. If it sounds bad otherwise with a different adjustment... I don't wanna know why I swich to the good sounds and forget all the rest

    Yeah, but then it won't be optimal to use it together with a cab-sim. The interesting thing here is that the sound actually changes just by adding a cab sim but ignoring it with the "monitor cab off". It should not do that. I usually make my profiles for use both with PA and cabinet. This means that you can't get a optimal cabinet output if it's also set up for PA.

    I guess on the other hand that it's impossible to hear this in a live situation.

    Stumbled over this thread as I noticed something simular and really strange. This got me worrying about something i thougth my kemper did manage well. Turns out it don't.

    I was checking out a DI profile from Reampzone (RZ_PRSMT15_D09) and without any cab added, it sounds great trough a V30 cab. Now, i wanted to add a cab sim aswell. Turns out, with the cab sim, and checked for "Monitor Cab Off" , it sounds different trough the V30 cab. It's not much, but some of the dynamic and high end is cut. Suddenly it sounds more "fake" trough the cab. Even if monitor cab is off. So i tried to then turn of the cabinet button. And it still sounds fake. If i go back to the original profile, with no added cab, it sounds great again.

    So the thing is: even with a DI profile, whit "monitor cab off", the profile changes when i add a cab sim. Must say this worries me. Is there something im doing wrong?

    Okey thanks! My DAW and kemper is just allways set up to stereo. So im just panning the stereo when my guitar is going on one side, and something else on the other side. Even if its recorded in stereo. But i will dig more into mono setup trough spdif.

    Is it something wrong with recording in stereo then pan it out on one side in the mix afterwards? Is this then the same as recording in mono and pan out? If no stereo fx is used ofc.

    Yeah, i'm using it with a guitar cab. I got the powered rack. The cab i use at home is a different one, and I understand it will sound different with another cab, but it's like it's sounding too dark and thin at high volumes. Something i can't experiment with at home. Sp usually i get suprised when i go to practice. And therefor i'm fine-tuning it with the graphic EQ.

    The biggest question here for me is if the graphic EQ is a good thing to be using instead of the Stack-EQ. Becasue i'm using the graphic on most things now.

    Hi, been having my kemper for about 3/4 of a year now, and starting to go from scratching the surface to dive into the endless tweakability of this monster. What i mostly had a hard time figuring out, was getting the profiles to sound great and clear at high volumes trough a cab at bandpractice. We are playing really loud with a lot of gain. The other guitarist having a mesa boogie with an extreme clear sharp and aggressive tone. My profiles tended to end up too dark, with thin highs, even if it sounded really great at lower volumes at home.

    Then i found out that the graphic EQ was a really powerful tool. It was in a way able to get a much richer sound without changing the tone. I also started using the volume on the graphic EQ as a morph for solo boost. And now i kind of use it as preset on every rig. So i can do minor tweaks to the profiles for getting a sharper and richer tone.

    Question is, if the Graphic EQ and the way i use got any downsides? I'm still very new to this, and I've read from that the graphic EQ shouldn't be necessary. Am i limiting the tone by always driving it trough this effect?

    Hi everyone! Been trying to figure out what i would need to do a direct profile of my old amp now as i got a kemper.

    To me it looks like normal profiling requiers a mic, but do i also need that for direct profiling? It seems logic to me not to use a mic when a direct profile don't use any cab sim. Been trying to find some info about this around here.

    What i want is to capture my amp as it is, so i can set up my kemper with the same cab and get a nearly identical tone for playing live. So i think a direct profile is what i need.

    The amp i'm profiling is a Victory Kraken. I know there is some profiles out there, but i'm not totally satisfied with them.

    I got 2 SPDIF cables and a focusrite Scarlett 6i6.