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    Oh my God, you guys are amazing! I just did the updates and upgrades after 6 months of not touching my Profiler and after two hours of scrolling, pressing buttons and getting to the point of wanting to smash my toaster and forget it ever existed I decided to start a new post. As soon as I created a title, I saw a suggestion to this thread. *facepalm* the old turn it off and then back on again trick worked. Should have tried that first!

    Got sound back and now I can finally preview my new rig packs.

    Thank you all a million times over!!!!

    From what I can tell....all I can do is to scroll cabs from other profiles and same them there but the original cabs are all gone. There's also no group of cabs that I can find. A few YouTube videos show guys browsing through a bunch of Celestion or whatever speaker cabs but I don't have any of that. I really messed this thing up apparently. I'm guessing I'll have to wipe it clean and start all over *Sigh*

    Ok, first off my apologies because I've had my Kemper a year (love it !!) but this is absolutely a noob question and I'm completely lost.

    A while back I downloaded some profiles that did not have a cab or IR attached which never was a problem because at the time I was running the Kemper through a tube power amp and guitar cab. I've since acquired a Laney FR112 (awesome btw) and realized I really screwed up this Kemper. When I used the guitar cab I simply turned off the cab sim and "locked" it so that every profile ran without the cab sim. It's only now that I realize that as I'm running the Laney FRFR cab my profiles are wildly messed up. I have profiles with no cab (that's how they were purchased) but almost half of my Kemper now has the same cab somehow loaded into it ?? I obviously fat fingered something and locked most of these profiles with the same can in it somehow?

    So now that I have a Kemper with half the profiles locked to a Top Jimi 4x12 (doesn't sound bad but some profiles now aren't accurate) and I have some profiles with no cab sim at all what am I missing? The profiles say "empty" when I click on the cab but there aren't stock factory cabs to scroll through to simply add to certain profiles? do I restore the profiles to their correct cab sim and how do I get or assign cabs to the profiles that lack a cab sim ?? Sorry I'm such a mess with this one, I'm usually able to figure these things out but for the life of me all I can figure out to do is find a profile with a cab sim, lock it and hope everything sounds ok otherwise I get no cabs ?? I didn't delete anything either and the software is the latest release.

    ashtweth I purchased the Cili labs VH4 pack and tossed in the Engl Savage 120 pack for the hell of it (too cheap not to try) from Cili labs, will hopefully get to try it tonight when I get home. Still going to get the SFG VH4 pack when it drops and just picked up their Mark IIC+ pack today as well, figure either way I'll have the library of Hetfield tones completely covered 8o:thumbup:

    Always happy to add the really good high gainers as I think I've got mid gainers complete and just need a few more cleans. 3 months into the Kemper and I'm still dialing in the tones I want. Already a ridiculous collection of amps / profiles.

    IIC+ plus pack is ready and will be made available tomorrow for purchase. 25 dollars introductory/direct price, 30 if you buy on Ebay due to fees.

    If anyone wants to send funds now they can but I will not be sending out the IIC+ profile packs till tomorrow afternoon or early evening.

    I will start a new thread describing the pack and everything you get and how we did it.

    J, I'll email you in a minute with preorder payment my friend

    Been wanting to track the Blue since I got it Saturday; got a new interface so here you go. Double tracked with the Snorkler on one side and some bass.

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    Excellent work as always my friend, the harmonics at 00:46 are absolutely haunting....perfect for a Halloween treat for us US Kemper guys. Layering SFG profiles on multiple tracks can yield absolutely massive results.

    Welcome to the Kemper and the Forum !! Although I cannot comment on the powered cabinet issue (I run my Kemper through a tube power amp/traditional Mesa guitar cab) I can safely say that the Kemper is not unlike any other piece of gear. It is only as good as the weakest piece in the signal chain and you get out what you put in. Great tone always requires great components and it's always been my experience that better gear yields better results.

    There are many threads here regarding which FRFR cabs to use or powered monitors. You will definitely appreciate the money invested in the Kemper if you invest equally in the cab.

    Anyone that has purchased a profile or amp from us has been taken care of and no, profiles were never offered in exchange for "real amps". Anyone that has dealt with us can vouch for our customer service.

    For anyone that needs reassurance, I will personally vouch for J and SuckerFreeGear that the profiles are not only of the highest quality, but the customer service is as well. I've always received everything I paid for, quickly and promptly and my emails have always been answered and I'm not a one time buyer. I literally own every profile they offer even the rare ones and will continue to buy every profile they offer because their profiles, for me, are the best quality. I do not have any affiliation with the company and yes, I was aware of Mark Cameron and the issues in the past BEFORE I bought anything. These profiles and this business does bare any resemblance to business practices of old I assure you. The only resemblance is that the tones you hear in the Kemper match the Cameron amps and that's all I or anyone should care about regarding this forum.

    I wouldn't say aneurysm....maybe more of a temporary eyetwitch could develop. My interest in the VH4 is simple. If it were simply tones of the VH4 and it's 4 channels then, MEH. They're out there and could be tweaked. What interests me MOST is that this is SuckerFreeGear doing the profile, using the correct guitar and aiming for a particular artist's tone. I'm a big Adam Jones / Tool fan and as such SFG could simply profile Channel 3 ONLY in a few different tweaked settings and I'd still buy (probably prefer). I have a Silverburst and the VH4 tone would be impeccably matched as only SFG could do. If this was the James Hetfield VH4 tone I'd have voted IIC+. That said I certainly will support SFG and buy a IIC+ though it's not my favorite Hetfield tone let alone my fave Boogie tone if it comes first or when it does drop. In fairness to other voters I have my library set up as all of my favorite artist tones from Dimebag to Tom Scholz because I play covers all across the classic rock thru metal spectrum.

    Steinmetzify is vastly better at original music and recording than I ever will be and I can see him having less use for the VH4. I agree with him that the VH4 is an otherwise less impressive amp outside of the Tool context or studio raw 'Tallica rhythms. I never thought I'd want the Doug Aldrich tone much less 50 Marshall amps yet here I am :thumbup:. Now if this was a write-in ballot I'd have voted for Entombed Wolverine Blues profiles ha! But that is not something an amp-guru like Cameron should be bothered with ;)

    I bought the full collection of SuckerFreeGear profiles last night. I completely agree with charvel1984 about the Aldrich profile. Although I normally wouldn't consider paying $25 for a single DI profile, the Aldrich is ridiculously good and surprisingly versatile.

    Glad you enjoy and hopefully my recommendation helped. The funny thing is how spoiled we are as Kemper owners. I don't bat an eyelash at $25 for a profile (but honestly would only spend that on SuckerFreeGear profiles) considering that for $25 you're essentially buying an entire amplifier rig. If someone offered me a Marshall modified by Cameron for $25, I'd buy as many as I could haha

    Dude was sitting here thinking about it; I’m really stoked for the Recto and the Mark too; I can’t wait to blend those with the Snorkler and the Fish and see what happens.

    I’m reasonably certain I’m going to end up kicking any profile that isn’t from SFG out of my Kemper unless it’s something you guys just haven’t done yet.

    I’ve always really liked the Kemper from day 1, but this is next level shizz for sure.

    When you say "blend" you mean multitracked in a recording correct? Just making sure I didn't miss a trick where I can combine profiles for a multi-amp tone live ??

    Ok if you are a previous customer and want to buy the rest of the collection just send me a PM and we can work out a bundle price.

    I currently sell the Mark Cameron Collection which is all of Mark's amps for 123.00 on Ebay and it includes 7 profiles. It does not include the Bogner Fish or Snorkler packs since those were not true Cameron amps only influenced or tweaked by him.

    If you want the profile packs with studio and cab profiles that package is available for a 100 dollars. That includes the Blue, Red, Bogner Snorkler and Bogner Fish.

    Any of you guys that don't have these profiles should really jump on this deal from SFG. I bought the pack for over $123 BEFORE the Blue, Snorkler and now the Fish were even discussed, then added the Blue, Red, Snorkler and Fish individually. I'm not complaining in the least, J will tell you I harass him regularly for new stuff ;) but just evidencing how incredible of a deal it is to get these collections for those prices because I'm sneaking up to $300 spent for the complete collection of SFG profiles. The Aldrich profile alone is worth it's weight in gold !! If you're digging any of the clips from SFG just get them all. You will NOT be disappointed and I speak from experience. I have purchased from all of the big name profilers you can think of. They are good, but truly SFG is another level. Thanks as always J !!