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    I thought it would go without saying that they can only be identical sounding as far as the amp and cab modeling goes. I didn't think anyone expected the pack to f.ex. make them a cleaner, faster and better player. Now that's a pack I definitely need to buy! :) Seriously though these seem to work really well with just about all humbucker guitars as many of the demos that I put out were actually tracked on a PRS and not my Music Man. I would say that if the pack does fall short for you then one likely reason is how you play the guitar.

    There is truth to geurtsema 's point because the way JP plays is to have a tight low-ish gain amp settings and pick pretty forcefully and mute a lot of the strings with both hands all the time. If you don't know this technique then you're most likely not going to have that forceful rhythm sound. Here's an example from the studio of JP tracking the second verse of Forsaken:

    Notice how he picks all those chords so hard that his whole body is moving and at the same time his left hand mutes the strings to dead silence. This is how you need to play if you want to have that aggressive attitude that JP has in many of his riffs. If you have a much lighter touch then nothing can make you sound like that. That hasn't been the case luckily but it's really hard for me to tell someone that their technique is the reason they're not "getting there". :/

    I wasn't really impressed with the JP2C. I actually much prefer my Mark V. That being said I have a real Mark IIC+ from 1984 - that's the one I'll be making. Here's a video of me playing around with it:

    Would definitely grab IAW, AST and DOT if you are doing the separate pack!

    Went through this with the crew and we're not doing it right now at least. It would be 18 new packs for 3 platforms = 54 products and there's no easy way to maintain that number of packs nor would they fit on our current website. I do appreciate the request and we will think about it at some point but I'm just telling you that it's not going to happen at least any time soon.

    Direct, merged or studio?

    Essentially all ML Kemper profiles are "all of the above" - the amp and cab merge is done so that all of the amp sound is a part of the amp section and all of the cab sound is in the cab section so you should have no problems running the profiles direct, with a real cab or using ML IR's instead of the cabinet sections used for the profiles. For this pack however it's a little bit different - the amp section is my Mark V or Dual Rectifier "ML merged" but to get the sounds exactly like on the albums you need to use the cabinet section as it's a match EQ cabinet that includes all the processing that was done to achieve those sounds on the real albums.

    So if you use the profiles with a powered Kemper / with a real cab they will sound like a real Mesa for sure but obviously it will not be exactly like the recorded sound on the album and for that you should be using the profiles direct. I hope I did a good job explaining this. :)

    Does this include Rhythm and Lead tones?

    There's a separate clean profile of my Mark V with JP's settings and then you can use the different cabs with it depending on which sound you prefer. For me it's the Octavarium cab for cleans for sure. For rhythm and lead there are building blocks in the effects for each profile. You can opt to use a compressor or tube screamer for boosting the amp and then you have that stereo JP delay as well as an autowah, phaser, chorus all with JP esque settings to nail all those sounds you'd expect. The cabinet block is doing the heavy lifting so the lead sound is more of that rhythm sound turned into a lead which will be very close to what JP does but in some cases not exactly the same thing. F.ex. SFAM I believe the rhythm and lead is about the same amount of gain so no need to boost it etc.

    What pickups were used to dial in the tones and EQ match? Because that can matter quit a bit imo.


    For realism's sake I used by Ernie Ball Music Man JP6. So if you're a DT fan you most likely own a similar guitar and it'll sound great. Also if you use a different type of guitar then you'll have your own sound. I used my PRS CE24 for most of the demo clips that are in E-standard and they still sound just like the real recordings.

    Learn more:

    This is the official release video for this Artist Pack:

    ML Artist Pack "Dream Tones" is a collection of perfectly matched guitar tones that pays homage to the amazing guitar tones used by JOHN PETRUCCI throughout his career.

    The best way to understand how this works is to watch this video:

    Included tones:

    ML-DT-I&W based on Dream Theater - Images And Words

    ML-DT-AWK based on Dream Theater - Awake

    ML-DT-COS based on Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons

    ML-DT-FIF based on Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity

    ML-DT-LTE1 based on Liquid Tension Experiment

    ML-DT-LTE2 based on Liquid Tension Experiment 2

    ML-DT-SFAM based on Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory

    ML-DT-6DOIT based on Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

    ML-DT-TOT based on Dream Theater - Train Of Thought

    ML-DT-SA1 based on John Petrucci - Suspended Animation

    ML-DT-SA2 based on John Petrucci - Suspended Animation

    ML-DT-OCTA based on Dream Theater - Octavarium

    ML-DT-SC based on Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

    ML-DT-BCSL based on Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings

    ML-DT-DTOE based on Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events

    ML-DT-DT based on Dream Theater - Dream Theater

    ML-DT-AST based on Dream Theater - The Astonishing

    ML-DT-DOT based on Dream Theater - Distance Over Time

    Every guitar tone was first recreated on a real tube amplifier. That tone was then profiled with the Kemper Profiling Amp and finally match EQ’d to sound and behave just like the original recordings. All profiles come with Petrucci-esque effects including compressor, wah, phaser, drive, chorus, flanger, delay and reverb. We highly recommend you turn off Pure Cab with all ML packs - we spend a lot of time fine tuning minor nuances that will be removed with Pure Cab.

    Installing the pack is super easy and here's a video showing how it's done:

    Ask me anything and you'll find more info here:

    Hey guys and girls! We just released a new Amp Pack - MEGA RECTIFIED based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier. Here's a sound sample without post processing:

    Also if you really want to know what's up here's me going through the different tones available in the pack:

    I have two things for you guys! 1) Would you be interested in a bundle deal where you'll get all the Amp Packs for one discounted price? and 2) I'm looking for the biggest John Petrucci / Dream Theater fan of the forum. Please PM me if you think that's you. ;)

    Hi guys! Just letting you know that we released our second Amp Pack and this time it's based on a Marshall Silver Jubilee from 1987. The pack comes with a sample cab based on a 1987 Silver Jubilee 4x12 with Marshall Vintage speakers (original Marshall V30s) and it's aptly called: "Appetite". Here's a link for more information:

    And here's a quick demo of the raw amp sounds:

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    I'm trying out something "new" right now that's on a test period so this may be a good time to take advantage. Anyone purchasing any pack can bundle up any other pack and get 20% off on the second pack. So if you want two Cab Packs or two Amp Packs or one Cab Pack and one Amp Pack you'll get a bundle discount. You don't need any codes or anything, it's automatically done at checkout.

    Ok, I’m With ya... “trying” to be more open minded here because I love using IR’s with the Kemper, and often have better results using direct profiles with ownhammer ( preference) IR’s as a whole verses using other merged cabs with direct profiles... so I do like the concept. So your saying your profiles, the impedance etc stays with the amp section of the profile, the amp part of the “merged” profile you make correct? What about the ir though? Obviously you need an amp to shoot an an ir?

    Much appreciated and likewise I'll try my best to learn how to speak like a real person. I'll admit that I can be a bit of a robot at times so I'm already used to being misunderstood sometimes. :) Your question regarding amp color when shooting IR's is extremely accurate and on topic. I was "one" of the first people to start shooting IR's with tube amplifiers while also removing the power amp color with custom software. You have some options on how to do this but the most common way is using a high quality passive DI inbetween your amp and cab. This is ultimately the technique that gave birth to the DI capture methods for both Kemper and Fractal. I was actually doing this before the DI capture features were even announced on modeler platforms. Kind of like I was trying to do what the Kemper does with match EQ and Overloud TH2 when I was in my early twenties. After that I've kind of taken things to the next level by also questioning "everything that can cause color" like cables, preamps, amount of preamp drive and essentially everything that's in the signal chain. The goal is to get the noise level as low as possible and to get a capture that's dead flat neutral. This way I'm getting the best mic positions but not baking anything into the clean capture.


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    The IR in this example is a quick mic position but now that you have this profile that's fully compatible with IR's you'll get to experience the versatility of different microphone positions just like with the ML Amp Packs. Here's an IR that should be pretty awesome as it's called the "BEST IR IN THE WORLD":…0WORLD%20KEMPER.kipr?dl=0

    Overall I feel like talking about this stuff is never going to be enough to explain it and it's not fair to you guys to make you pay for something that you haven't experienced. It'll be best that you experience it yourself. So in this "FREE Recto" profile you have a clean separation between the amp and cab. So if you're interested in these packs you'll get to try a quick but pretty good freebie. If you're skeptical about the clean capture thing you'll get to try my profile with other people's cab captures and also you'll get to try my IR's with other people's profiles.

    Ultimately my goal was never to say that there's something wrong with the Kemper or other people's profiles. (I would be making the same statement about all these modelers if that was the case.) If you do profiles the way I do them you will not need separate profiles for different use cases and in my opinion that's a huge advantage especially with impulse response compatibility. The way you mic up your cabinet influences your guitar sound tremendously.

    I'm not sure if you have me figured out yet but I'm not a very serious person. Talking about serious stuff is not my comfort zone although I take tone very seriously. I hope this is enough to get everyone back to what's really important - having fun playing guitar.

    I really got some terrible results trying a couple of loadboxes. Especially the Two Notes loadbox, it actually made my tube amp have less gain believe it or not. It was enough to scare me away from using loadboxes at all. Here's a comparison clip I made. The first one is using a real Mesa 4x12 as a load and then the others are using loadboxes and trying to compensate for the volume loss by boosting the signal and getting once again different results etc:

    I’m sorry what? Could you link me to the analysis that the Kemper CANT actually separate amp and cab part appropriately? Or is that kinda... like... maybe... your opinion? You want a link “to analysis” of the cab maker being bad, almost mocking the poster, yet when someone calls you out because you think, 8 years after the Kemper is released that you somehow can do a BETTER job than CK ( and claiming it’s not actually that good of separation years after 3.0 was released), you are offended? AND because you “assumed” everyone would know your work here? Lol... this gets better and better every post.

    It was not an emotionally charged question. I was genuinely interested in knowing why I see many people saying that Cab Maker doesn't do a good job because based on my tests IR's work really well with the Kemper. I lose a bit of lows around 110hz which I can easily fix with post EQ as I do with all my profiles. (This part is saying that I think CK did a better job with Cab Maker than you guys think.) Once again I'm not emotionally charged here. Where have I said that I'm offended? Where have I said that CK is wrong? The Kemper absolutely CAN separate the amp and cab and if it couldn't then I couldn't have made these profiles. It just took a lot of testing and light bulbs to get me to a point where I wasn't getting weird artifacts. Believe me my first assumption was that I was the reason the profiles weren't merged properly but after getting some of the most respected profiles on the market and separating the amps from cabs it became clear I wasn't the only one having these issues.

    I can shoot some IR's through the profiles cab sections and show you the results. I guess I'll have to... but sensing how things have gone so far I don't see how that will lead to something positive. ^^

    IR Hate :)nice expression. It's not that, I have a ton of Ownhammer commercial IR's and I like them a lot with other plugging, TSE X50 for example. Somehow when converted to Kemper I don't like them that much. Everything it's a matter of taste, just like the better guitar hero and so on, who cares? Better is always subjective. For me saving your Mesa cab part and comparing with, for example Lasse Lammert Mesa, it's a no match, at least for my ears. But again you can give me a mix context where I like your best, and the opposite, it depends of the application I guess.

    But liked the amp part :thumbup: and the price it's hight and didn't know about the promotion :) was not advertised in the site when I bought.

    But for a fair judge I could test the MEGA OVERSIZED CAB out of Kemper :Pjust need you to borrow me for 10 minutes


    For me personally this forum is the first place ever in my career where I've seen the IR format get questioned and having worked and enhanced the format for almost a decade and knowing it's capabilities it's a bit strange. Not emotionally charged strange as I can easily prove it as I have many times already. I'm not sure if it's clear to everyone but all this kind of supports what I've been trying to say all along like this "no match" that you mentioned. This is exactly what I experienced as well when using IR's with merged profiles. They just sound wrong and mathematically speaking they shouldn't. Cab Maker does a pretty good job so if the profiles don't sound good with these converted IR's then what's the issue then? The only issue can be that the merge process wasn't too clean. And this is exactly what I've been trying to say all along. It's just not an easy topic to start a conversation with.