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    I've been also long time powered head and then Kemper stage user. I was really waiting for smaller version of stage. Already, tried Fractal FM3, Quad Cortex lately Fender. However, they were never realistic and organic as Kemper's cleans. And QC had a lot problems according to the users in internet even it has the best layout and size in my opinion. I believe Kemper Player is kind of stombox logic. For people who use more analog pedals. Like most of users have already mentioned; no display, no morphing, I/O... i don't think i will change my stage with kemper player. I still believe that will come next (maybe) another smaller unit kind of Kemper Stage mini or something with display, morphing and profiling function.

    I agree also others. I would prefer to keep both or at least keeping Kemper. Cause it is practical and really versatile. But as were an analog user, i could also understand the fact; such as feel, warm, visual of your choice. Good luck!

    I had just contacted the Kemper Support and i was told to reset Global settings, if i haven't tried yet. And they were also not familiar with such kind of feedback problem. I did reset the Global settings, however the problem still persist. To make sure, that the amplifier is also not defective, tested the amplifier with high volume and TS9 and on clean and drive channel; no problem at all. And re-contacted to Kemper support again.

    I had something like this after the latest update - uncontrollable feedback. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how I fixed it! - other than going through and checking all the various volume settings & sends etc. All is ok now, I don't think it's guitar related.

    Thanks for the reply. I do believe also the latest update. My OS Version : Release August 10 2020. I think, i am gonna contact Kemper as well. I don't think that this normal is.

    Hi everybody!

    Hope you all fine and healthy out there. I've got a problem since last weekend. I was on stage normally use my powered Kemper toaster with my Fender Deluxe Reverb ( as send return ) as stage monitor. I use that many times before in many gig without any problem. My settings for this purpose :

    Kemper Powered Toaster ( Monitor Out = Master Mono and Monitor Cab Off, Power Amp on the Kemper not On ) > return ( Preamp in ) to Fender Deluxe Reverb

    This time however, i had insane feedback problem even i was far away from the amplifier ( 2-4 meter ). I thought first whether something with the electricity on the stage, however i have same problem at home as well. I use Gibson Les Paul 50's Standard and Fender Road Worn Telecaster. Especially with Gibson, i was really surprised since it has humbuckers. And entire night, i was not able to use the bridge or in between pickups on my telecaster and i had to use just neck pickup because of this problem. I am pretty sure, i had this not before. Couple years used like that but first time i had that kind of problem. Is there any idea that i am missing something with my settings? I am appreciate any wise ideas, advises.

    Thanks people,

    hope you are all fine and doing good. All the ideas you've wrote were very inspiring and i've tried almost all combinations that you've wrote. I could say that i really need ( and i like the sound of double ts9 or rat boost) the combination. To my ears, the following combination with a little bit fine tuning and listening, really close the setting that i preferred. Just realized that i never expected that much different in my kemper when you order pedals. It was really like analog setup pedal order. This is the final that i decided to use :

    Thank you for warm welcome guys!

    I got screenshot of my rig to visualize better. I was an analog pedal user and i know very well the affect the tone of pedal order, that's the exact problem. In my stomps Section for this profile i got :

    Compressor, TS9, TS9, EQ ( i experimented first to move EQ to the Effects section i got similar problem then i decided to move wah result was not better )

    My last choice, i will move the EQ to the Effect section to able to put the wah in the stomps section. Before these, i was using analog wah with my unit. But it's heavier than my Dunlop mini volume pedal.

    Hi everbody,

    hope you are all fine and healthy! Got a little problem ( actually not a technical problem ). I would be appreciated wise advise. Since there are no more empty slot in my Stomps section, i would like to place the wah in Effect section. However the same Wah with same settings totally different in Effects section. It's first too loud and settings ( even same ) totally different effect than in stomps section. I tried to pushed the wah in Effects section to the right. Outside of Reverb. As volume sounds like better and balanced to me. However, i would say still not the same as it is in stomps section. Is there any idea how to balance this? Or how you guys use the Wah if you have no more place in stomps section?

    Have a nice weekend and Salute! :S:thumbup: