Wah in Stomps section and in Effects section

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    hope you are all fine and healthy! Got a little problem ( actually not a technical problem ). I would be appreciated wise advise. Since there are no more empty slot in my Stomps section, i would like to place the wah in Effect section. However the same Wah with same settings totally different in Effects section. It's first too loud and settings ( even same ) totally different effect than in stomps section. I tried to pushed the wah in Effects section to the right. Outside of Reverb. As volume sounds like better and balanced to me. However, i would say still not the same as it is in stomps section. Is there any idea how to balance this? Or how you guys use the Wah if you have no more place in stomps section?

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  • Hey mate,

    When you say the Stomps section, I assume you mean before the Amp and Cab blocks. If this is the case, you're never going to get it to sound "right" 'cause it won't be going through the Amp and Cabinet as a wah usually does.

    The Cabinet "tames" the harshness / shrillness of the wah. The Amp also does this the more it is driven. Simple as that, really.

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  • The wah effect alters the tone and frequencies of the guitar signal. In this contence it is normal that it sounds very different if is positioned befor the stomps and before the amp or after. I recommend to put it as first effect or directly after a compressor. What stomps have you active in stomp section?

    Probalbly there is another stomp that sounds in effect-section bette than wan.

  • Thank you for warm welcome guys!

    I got screenshot of my rig to visualize better. I was an analog pedal user and i know very well the affect the tone of pedal order, that's the exact problem. In my stomps Section for this profile i got :

    Compressor, TS9, TS9, EQ ( i experimented first to move EQ to the Effects section i got similar problem then i decided to move wah result was not better )

    My last choice, i will move the EQ to the Effect section to able to put the wah in the stomps section. Before these, i was using analog wah with my unit. But it's heavier than my Dunlop mini volume pedal.

  • Put the wah after the compressor and put the eq. just before the reverb and change the eq. settings must do the trick.You now have the wah between the pre-amp and the amp and that is the wrong place.

  • Hi, welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper :thumbup:8)

    Aside from very few exceptions the Wah effect needs to go into the stomp section, i.e. before the amp and potentially also before other effects. I see what you're trying with your stomp selection - it is all altering the basic frequencies and shape which goes into the amplifier. Even your EQ I guess.

    But you have two TS9 in there. Unless these are realy two on your pedal board and switched on both at the same time you could reduce one and create another rig instead for the other setting you want to have available.

  • as others have said already the wah needs to go before the amp and ideally very close to the start of the sognal chain if you are looking for a classic wah sound. The only exception is non wah effects that Kemper has lumped in the Wah group because they arw controlled by the Wah pedal. An example would be Wah Vowel which is really a Talk Box. This needs to go after the amp as thats where a talk box would go in the real world.

    back to your own issues. You say you have two TS9 but the screen shot shows a Green Scream (TS) and a Mouse (Rat) which are different effects. Do you stack these running both at the same time? If not then I would just set up two different Rigs. One with the green Scream and the Other with the Mouse.

    on the other hand if you are using two Green Screams m is this to stack them one onto the other or two have two different options which you switch between? If you only use one at a time then just put one Green Scream in the Stomp Section. Set it for your first sound. Then change the morph state and set it for your second sound. Now you will have two different Green Screams while only using 1 slot.

  • I recommend to copy the rig and set up a performance with Solt 1 the rig with GreenScream an Slot 2 with Mouse. You win in each slot a free place to put the wah into and you can switch between the Slots with just one click.

  • Thanks people,

    hope you are all fine and doing good. All the ideas you've wrote were very inspiring and i've tried almost all combinations that you've wrote. I could say that i really need ( and i like the sound of double ts9 or rat boost) the combination. To my ears, the following combination with a little bit fine tuning and listening, really close the setting that i preferred. Just realized that i never expected that much different in my kemper when you order pedals. It was really like analog setup pedal order. This is the final that i decided to use :