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    Sorry i do mean the alternative input alone with the send which i have my Boss RC10r connected to (also supplies the drums) i can't seem to also connect my laptop to the Kemper at the same time to provide backing track etc so i thought about a small mixer perhaps.

    My FRFR is the new Laney 112 FRFR which does have a MP3 input but you have to control the level from the laptop etc and at night i am restricted to headphones so a mixer seemed the best idea but there are so many on the market i was just looking for a recommendation from someone who has a particular model.

    Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

    Can someone please recommend a mixer that could sit between my un-powered Kemper and my FRFR Speaker, i could then mix in a backing track as the fx on the Kemper is used for my Looper. I have a budget of £150

    Where would I find the setting to change the position of the internal looper please and is there anyway of having a MP3 player or similar providing a backing track as well as having a looper pedal connected.

    I am looking to purchase a mixer to plug my kemper into along with some kind of music player to play over backing tracks.

    I currently have a loop pedal in the FX send/return of the kemper so some sort of mixer was my idea of getting the two together.

    Can anyone please recommend a small mixer.

    I have had the Kemper for a week and i have been using Monitor output with an audio cable into 1 X M-Audio BX5 D2

    Would the option of going through the Main output be a better choice, even though i have a pair of BX5's i am happy to play with mono through one.

    My aim longterm is to buy one a good quality PA speaker with a built in mixer so i can play along to mp3 tracks, if anyone could recommend such a unit i would be grateful.

    Please forgive me if this is a silly question I have just had my Kemper delivered do I update it to

    Profiler Operating system 5.5.2


    Profiler Operating system Public Beta

    I just wasn’t sure of the differences.

    Thankyou for your help it’s appreciated.

    I was hoping to make use of the Katana Artist thinking the 12” custom Waza speaker would add to the tone but I understand what your saying that it might colour the sound.

    Do you mind me asking would I only need to connect the Kemper to the BX 5’s through my Focusrite interface if I wanted to record, if needed could I just connect the speakers straight into the Kemper.

    Might seem a stupid question to some but this is a bit new to me at the minute.

    I am still waiting on delivery of my first ever Kemper (late due to the snow) it’s the unpowered version.

    I am first going to try it through my Katana Artist but if that’s not suitable would anyone be able to give me advice on the best choice to play the Kemper through in the bedroom.

    I do have a pair of M Audio BX5 D2’s in the attic which I will try first or my THR10

    My budget would be £300