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    I use a Stomp as my backup rig; but TBH, I really notice the difference in feel when playing it compared to the Kemper. It's a fantastic little unit - and Line 6 support and customer service is second to none - but I may well be selling it once the Neural Quad Cortex comes out.

    I have a NQC coming too. Lol. I am liking this little box. Hope to get my Kemper back soon to have some side by side comparison but man I an digging it. And yes their customer support is fantastic. Had an issue and they had me fixed up fast.

    So my Kemper was loaned to a friend doing some recording in Nashville and with this virus thing, it was been extended a little. Really been missing it. So on the 1st I ordered from Sweetwater a Line 6 HX Stomp to hold me over.

    Wow. Really like it. I have had for 2 years the HX Effects that I used with my Kemper so I was used to the effects and overdrives. But WOW!! The amps in this are great. They are not bad at all. I really love the Placater, The Revv, The Uber, The 5150 and the Recto so far for harder dirt sounds. Still working with the cleans stuff and Marshall rock tones which all are so good as well. So much in here, taking my time. Very impressed. Incorporated the HX Effects with the Stomp to add to the DSP with the Stomp being amps and overdrives and the HX being the effects. Controlling it all via the HX midi. Works great. It's a great unit and to be honest, The Kemper and this Stomp are pretty on par with each other.

    Still missing my Powered Kemper tho.. But this setup stays. ? It's fun to have more options. Great time for being a guitarist.

    Brilliant album.. Been blasting this this evening..

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    Nice - he’s one of my favorite players... maybe he’ll provide some profiles someday! I follow his Instagram and he’s always posting playing in his music room to some random backing track... cool to hear him just jamming away like the rest of us.

    Has a wicked guitar collection too!

    I love how he posts vids almost daily. He's a huge inspiration to me as well. His phrasing is impeccable. Of course his guitar collection is always awesome to see with each new vid..

    Thank you.
    Don’t take what I write as absolutes, I'm only writing down what I feel is an evolution in my musical journey. :)

    That said I think I'm not the only one who’s in that boat.

    I have been using my Mesa Road King 412 since I started with Powered Kemper. To me it's the best when ran into a cab. I tried using the FRFR route but wasn't as satisfying. I still have a Headrush 108 for monitoring here and there but my Kemper into a cab for rehearsals and playing out moves me.

    So in a year we will have a lot of profiles of this QC and blended amps. Good. I'm looking forward to that and I don't even need to buy that machine. Anyway what I've heard so far I've not been impressed.

    I agree.. The sound demos haven't moved me yet but I did jump on the presale. I am Kemper for life tho but.. New toys are always welcomed.

    Everything boils down to whether it can profile or not.

    I already have a profiler which I am very happy with. Profiling wasn't my motivation to get this. My Kemper is my live rig but like other amps, modelers and such, the QC will be another tool in the shed. Like I stated, I am interested in the multi amp setups since the Kemper doesn't do that at the moment. Could it replace my live rig? I highly doubt it but one thing is for sure, I could profile the QC with a multi amp setup and incorporate it into my Kemper.

    So I have loaned my powered Kemper to a good friend who will be going to Nashville for a couple months for a recording project. To say I was bummed inside is an understatement. I love my Kemper. So I was planning on just buying a Kemper Stage in the meantime but....

    The other night, for shits and giggles I dug out my Eleven Rack, hooked it up to a Seymour Powerstage, dialed in a Mesa Vintage Recto amp model with my trusty Line 6 HX Effects into my Mesa RK412 cab..

    Whoa!! If freaking killed.. Sounds great. I was pleasantly surprised and how good the 11Rack still is. Yes it has limitations but you can still get great amp tones with them and I was feeling it..

    Still love my Kemper but nice to know that I have a backup ready to keep me flowing when needed. So I am holding off on the Stage for a bit longer. Still gun shy with the problems they have with them and waiting for the bugs to get worked out. In the meantime, I can live with this backup rig for the next two months easy.:thumbup:

    I preordered because I am curious on the multi rig option. Saying this, I haven't heard any good representation of the tones with any of the released vids out there. So I am hoping it sounds better when they release it. For the price, it's not too bad for what they are claiming it will do. I love my Kemper but there is more that I wish it could do. Hence why I use other gear with it.