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    I think, across my pedals and rack, I have at least 8 tuners. I wonder. Should I see if they all agree ?

    NO - the answer might make for unpleasant reading - and internet controversy.

    I had a Marshall 8008. (which I bought for £80.08 as the seller had a sense of humor).

    It was very good. Better for modeler/profilers than the heavier and ,more expensive valve based Marshall 9100 which I replaced it with.

    They have a linear or guitar mode switch. linear makes for a flatter response which worked well with my 'other modeler' and cabs.

    On the rack (and I'm assuming the toaster)You can have a mono or stereo effects loop. But only one. The manual shows were to stick the cables etc.

    But the Stage has more i/o. The back panel looks like it has a mono and a stereo effects loop.

    Anything you put in front of the amp black get flattened to mono - so your pre -amp fx can go in the mono loop. Stereo post amp FX in a stereo loop after the amp.

    New Rack Gear month has been extended !!

    I've added a (used ,) dbx compressor to the old school non- modelling/profiling half of my rack, added midi cables to get a degree of potential control over stuff (mainly to get the tempo light to all blink synchronously.

    I've also redone the cabling to move the patchbay to the front of the rack (where it should have been all along). Which makes swapping the hardware setup a flippin' breeze.

    You can also try an alternate technique. Hold the pick between thumb and middle finger, extend your index finger and touch the string ahead of the pick as you pluck. Where you touch changes the harmonic which rings out. There's way less of the plucked note, but the harmonic is clearer. Makes playing The Attitude Song riff super easy.

    An example would be Digitech Freqout on a daisy chain with drive pedals. The FO is a small computing device putting near constant noise to ground which..... can appear in the audio signal of drive pedals if in the same daisy chain. If the power supply is stressed (or the wall wart is starting to fail) the noise gets worse.

    My drive pedals are all powered by one Caline style semi isolated 'daisy chain in a box'. The Frequot is powered by a completely different power supply - making for no noise.

    Some digital pedals with time based effects can make clock noise / ticking noise which can appear if daisy chained - my Tardis drawer (all digital) - if I switch everything on (RV500, DD-500, RE-2, Dimension C, Mimic, MD-200, Freqout, and a Whammy located on the floor......and set the RV and DD500 to run dual presets..... the RV-500's tap tempo starts appearing as noise on the signal chain.... switch one thing off.... and its gone. The power supply is clearly nearing its load limit - not normally an issue as it sounded awful.

    I'm planning on gradually upgrading the power delivery in my rack.

    The Space Echo is crooked. I don't like crooked pedals. :pinch:

    It is. Its trapped between cables and such. The MD-200 is slightly crooked too - its cables push it crooked. The whole rack is pretty much at its carrying capacity.

    I need to make my rack either 2 or three 'u' and at least one drawer 'taller', and around 10cm deeper. It'll be a good project for when the weather gets warmer.