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    Thank you for the information,

    I was thinking using the internal compressor and the wah of the kemper. I think both are excellent.

    and then all drives and some modulation via the vst's before the amp. Tons of vst's for these options.

    slot A compressor

    slot B wah

    slot C effects loop PC/vsts's

    slot D open for anything

    Kemper Delays, Reverbs, some modulation effects after the amp, But you can also use vst effects after the amp without an effects loop.

    Just shut off the effects after the amp in the Kemper. My guess is this will dramatically help any latency.

    In my mind the best place for the the loop primarily is after the input and before the amp.

    Note: My Kemper rack is for studio use.

    I don't think anything like this is feasible for someone gigging , Its more of experimental thing for creating sounds in a studio setting.

    Will be trying this over the weekend when I have more time to mess with it.

    Using a Daw w/ VST effects INTO the Effects loop of the Kemper

    Has anyone tried this??? I can imagine its a routing pain?

    Thinking you would have to set up a separate input and output in your Daw with only the VST effects in that signal path.

    There are so many effects via VST's , Is latency a issue?

    Think of the possibilities!!

    I haven't found where you can change the effects presets in the editor. Does that exist?


    I set a wah in a slot via the editor.

    On the profiler manually set it a preset I have in there on WW Vox Old Modded (again that is a preset)

    Is there a way to change presets in the editor? I may be blind lol

    BTW heartfelt thanks to the whole kemper team for this release. very much appreciated

    I bought the Kemper thinking the editor was close to release back when I saw the Namm video.

    Honestly if I knew if was going to take this long to finish it I would have went a different route. (I like editing from the computer)

    Some say they don't need a editor. w/e floats your boat, I'm one that will use the heck out of it.

    Different strokes

    That is just awesome, Thanks for sharing. I am very new to the Kemper and do not have anything to offer yet but may in the near future.

    I am thinking of profiling a Peavey Delta Blues 115 before it gets sold, I'm going to miss that amp.

    Thanks again BulldogXTRM

    Am I missing something??

    Why don't we have performances made by users on the rig exchange?

    Clean to dirty amps on different foot switches , Effects already set up.

    Would be great to see how people use eq's and the like.

    just curious why this does not exist

    I had that problem with my 6i6 first gen

    For some reason when I went SPDIF AT 48k 24 bit it opened up and sounded better. Not only change it in the Kemper/ 6i6 /DAW but change your computer sound device settings to match (input/ output 48k, watch the depth settings as well)

    **Make sure you change the sync source to Spdif and the sample rate to 48 in Scarlett Mix control, It will sometimes change on you**

    At 44k it was thin and awful.

    I think its something with the internal working of the 6i6 and the kemper that is doing this. I realize its hard to hear the difference between 44 and 48, My theory is there's something else in play here. (focusrite converters or something)

    I was amazed when all of a sudden My sound changed in a extreme way for the better.

    Anyways that is what worked for me and may give you some ideas to try.

    Your mileage may vary.

    Best Regards

    I had the same thing happen, I am using a 1st gen 6i6 which I want to desperately get rid of (Im poor atm)

    Anyways after a couple weeks of fiddling and not getting the tone I decided to connect via spdif..

    At first the kemper and 6i6 was at 44k and still that tone was not there. Weak tone. Made me want to return and go the axe route.

    One night I was reading and saw someone post on a forum that most IR's are sampled at 48k.

    They went on further that it makes no sense to record at 44 because the conversion process.

    That got me experimenting and messing with the kemper. I set both units at 48k and then thought I fixed a miss match in in the bit rate 16 vs 24.

    The Kemper is at 24 and the 6i6 can be either bit rate. I shut the kemper off and rebooted.

    What happened next was something I never ever expected. The Kemper is 100& glorious. The tone is unreal.. It just opened it up.

    There is no way I'm getting rid of this thing now.

    I'm not sure what part of my journey fixed my sound, thought it may help you to see how I got there with the same type of issue.

    To those skeptics that say you cannot hear between 44k and 48k I agree with you!!!

    There is something else going on here.

    I truly think there is some internal kemper thing OR focusrite 1st Gen that needs to be at 48k.

    Mine was sounding bad through the monitor outs as well..

    Even tho you are going out that way set your Spdif setting to 48k as an experiment.

    Best Regards