Rig Manager 3.0 Editor

  • I bought the Kemper thinking the editor was close to release back when I saw the Namm video.

    Honestly if I knew if was going to take this long to finish it I would have went a different route. (I like editing from the computer)

    Some say they don't need a editor. w/e floats your boat, I'm one that will use the heck out of it.

    Different strokes

  • Do you think this is more or less dangerous than announcing "a couple of days" when the product is months from being ready ?

    No youre right, it's not less dangerous. But if "maybe days" is the actual case, and they said such, isn't it then a bit extraneous to bother mention such beta testing? If it's days away from a public beta release, you'd expect private beta testing to precede it. My suspicion (knowing nothing about programing) is that the delay has had more to do with getting the firmware straightened out, and perhaps even that kemper cone thing, as they need the editor they roll out to function with the kemper cone thing vs. rolling out the editor, then having to roll out new enhancements for the editor as soon as they release the kemper cone thing when it's ready. The Kemper cone thing would also be tied in with the whole preset/library/ organizational side of things for which the editor would need to accommodate. And for that matter, depending on what their workers specialize in, at the moment fixing the glitchy firmware and issues with the roll out of the Stage as the holiday sales season is upon them needs to take priority; that's how they'll afford to keep the development department churning out new things.

  • Are you sure? The only other real option in this capability category is the Axe III Fx .... and it costs more, doesn't have the same tube amp sound quality (especially with light and medium distortion levels), and is much more difficult to configure to a good tone (this is based on my doing a 6 hour A/B with the 2 units).

    If you really really need to use an editor, get a MIDI cable and download ToastME. It is quite nice..... and you will still have that great Kemper sound quality and ease of use.

  • I bought the Kemper thinking the editor was close to release

    When I bought my first Kemper, I bought it because it does NOT come with an editor.

    Tbh, I don't even want to imagine how much resources it took from other cool stuff that could have been done instead.

    And on a side note ... I very much enjoyed the Kemper community when there wasn't this constant moaning about something that doesn't affect the guitar tone at all. If someone dearly needs an editor, why don't you just go and buy Bias or whatever "editor" floats your boat? If someone bought the Kemper Profiler because of its (upcoming) editor ... s e r i o u s l y?

    And with these words I leave this thread again, play my guitar and profile some of my beautiful amps.

  • i am a professional software engineer. software projects are very challenging due to a huge amount of inherent complexity. even a team of highly experienced pros will encounter unforeseen issues on the way, leading to increased efforts in the team which then might force a re-planning of milestones.

    most of the criticism here regarding project management is not that wrong. professional software projects would ideally consider enough buffer in the contingency planning and try to avoid to communicate unrealistic go live dates. guess this is called "managing expectations" ;)

    anyway, for me personally:

    sound & feel is highest priority. managing and editing stuff comes next.

  • Really... you simply bought it because it does NOT come with an editor. Did you also buy your guitar because it wasn't a trumpet? What a maroon!!!

    The older I get, the better I was.

  • The expectations are Kemper's fault!

    If your product is so far from being ready, maybe..... don't show it to the public?

    Or if you do, maybe... don't give us a rough estimate? Because this, my friends, is how you build up expectations!

    Not that we're almost 11 months in the waiting for something we've been waiting for for 7 years (?), it feels like if this editor is nothing short of mind blowing, this whole thread community is going to be LIVID!!!!

    just sayin...

  • Being livid and adding a $1.00 will get you a cheap cup of coffee with heartburn later. G-string & Company already has our money for a product that didn't have an Editor in the 1st place. Even if it's not out until winter Namm, it is still icing on an already very juicy and toneful cake.

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... ;) Kemper/Axe-FX III/ Quad Cortex user

  • lol. What a cluster* that was! It took years and never worked.

    Potentially half of that could be said about the Kemper editor....!

    Here's hoping it actually works when released. Can you imagine the wave of fury if it doesn't work, after all these delays? I think the internet would melt.