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  • I would have time on Friday most likely. I work outdoors and it sounds like it will be too cold for that. I know that's kind of soon, let me know.

  • We don't have kids, so I'm super flexible.

  • I didn't mean to type tomorrow. Damn auto correct.

  • Hey, thanks for replying. I live about an hour north of the twin Cities. I really appreciate the offer and would be willing to adjust my schedule to make it fit with yours. I have a powered speaker I could bring with tomorrow compare. I'm also relatively new to the whole kemper thing. Having bought mine used I'm concerned there is something wrong with it as I'm having trouble getting any kind of authentic overdrive tube amp tones out of it. Let me know when it would be convenient for me to come down. Weekends for me are hit and miss because I coach a couple of hockey teams but eventually I could make 1 work. Thanks again!