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    I had a Variax with my Helix LT. of course, this couple is fantastic cause you increase your versatility possibilities.

    I could start a song with a sitar, an acoustic guitar and jump to a Fender Strat detune to a Lespaul just with a press on a footswitch (per snapshot).

    The drawback is that you're linked to ONE guitar, this one has to be supplied by a battery, or an ethernet cable (in the L6 case) and i play wireless....

    At the end, i found some sounds fake, don't know....

    I can obtain a lot of Variax sounds via my Kemper. there's the transpose feature if i want to detune, i have a HSH guitar if i want to play single coil or humbuckers, there's an excellent guitar simulation. I haven't tried it yet but i'm sure i could have a 12 strings guitar with some FXs/setups....

    IMO, it's better to have integrated sims to play with (it could be good to have synth/dobro/banjo sims :thumbup: ;) )

    However, there are venues that wish to stick to micing up the cab rather than having the direct-out from the Kemper. For this reason I still have the Engl in my rack.

    Your main problem is here ! :rolleyes:

    I don't understand there's any discussion about that in 2024, ....

    Can't those kind of sound guys do a training to know new devices that appeared from 2000 ? 8o X/

    they should find out about what used Knopfler for his tour... ?( :rolleyes:

    We have an expression (don't know if it exists in other langages) : "Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?"

    Everything is easier directly from Profiler XLR output... You keep the versatility of your cabs' simulations...etc...

    No amp on stage is a no brainer for a lot of sound engineers.... You get rid of sound loop problems that are picked up by singers microphones, etc....

    I don't know if you're talking about a summary sheet as do L6 for their Helix that is included in the box :

    But this summary is not so helpfull, you quickly put it back into the box....

    Units faces are so well informed that this kind of sheet is unecessary or so few.... I mean the problem is to know what's behind an icon (or 4/5) just press it to know where you fall... :)

    If i take Profilers, a "pedal" soft button is explicit, the main thing is what is behind, there are many different pages/parameters that a summary can't sum it up.

    I think, when you have a modeler/profiler, you have to know every device's menus/parameters/possibilities to set it following your needs/rig, and as buddies said above, the best way is to go into the manual and search what you want.

    The improvement that could be done imo is that Kemper could separate Stage & Rack/Head manual. 'Cause, even if they are close and have a lot of common things, the face/back is different. And sometimes, there are things Stage can do, head/rack can't and the opposite too. It could be quicker to find informations related to the unit you own.... :thumbup: ;)

    Those two units (the only ones to my knowledge today) are able to bring "amp in the room" and this is really their benefit.

    I had the L6 familly before (Variax, Helix LT & Powercab+).

    The design is different cause the "amp in the room" is linked to the unit for the L6, i mean, the Powercab itself simulates it. You choose a blue alnico speaker and there you have it. The advantage is that you can have any modeler/profiler, you just have to disable the speaker simulation and use the Powercab's one.

    The drawback is that if you have many presets/rigs with different speakers, you have to program every midi changing (except if you own a L6 device with L6 link).

    The Kone/Kabinet is "passive", all the data/parameters are send by the Profiler.

    It's easier to program, you just have to change the "imprint" in speaker's block.

    The problem is that it should not bring good/best results with other devices....

    I remember that the Powercab+ was an improvement for my Helix but was not so marvelous for my Kemper Stage.

    IMO, if you only have Kemper devices, go for a Kone/Kabinet. I had done my own powerkabinet just buying a Kone, a closed cabinet and a BAM 200 ;), cheaper ;)

    And : It has be designed to work all together

    If you have other modelers/profilers, hard to answer... Imo, the Powercab is not the best solution neither...

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    thanks for these thoughts. I'm sorry that I did not answer earlier!! right now I'm very busy with electronical problems with machines at my regular job. As soon as I'll find time I'm planning to prepare an electrotechnical/acoustical analysis about this topic. But that will take some time. I don’t want to speculate, so I’ll have to study some theory first to be able to explain it scientifically.

    Electronic/acoustic vocabulary (in english), i'm afraid i'll be lost but curious to read your conclusions ;) :thumbup:

    Could the "trigger" for it be assigned to a footswitch and can this function also switch on/off effect?

    Morph function doesn't activate/disable Fxs but acts on parameters, but you can reach what you want with a % mix variation for example : a delay from 0% mixed to 40%.

    You can set other parameters at the same time : delay time, etc...