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    Support got back to me. Very great experience and provided some steps to See how things are functioning.

    They described a button "counting" mode that will count foot switch presses to validate if its software issue or hardware.

    Try yourself by pressing together the buttons INPUT&BACK to enter "Spy Mode" it displays counters for all the switches so you can see if its actually communicating.

    When in this mode I was able to see it react the same way where about 30% of my presses were logging and rest nothing. I still had to hit a certain way to guarantee a press and pretty hard.

    I ended up solving my issue while in the process of using this function. Was super handy and am now able to just press the button with my fingers again and it reacts the way id expect.

    i filed a claim back when i posted and have heard not a single word? is there a direct contact point for them? I could probably dig out the warranty card know.

    Also still has anyone attempted to unscrew the button and see what happens?

    Yes! I can also vouch for his service as he allowed me to process a refund on 2 packs within a few hours...and I went back and purchased the ButterSex and it is quite amazing.

    i have the exact same issue here on that exact button? It seems if i catch it right hitting it towards the 11oclock angle it will go but not every time.

    Is there anyone with experience with taking it apart and checking if its connected correctly....? or i also did a search and read someone twisting it or something>?

    Anyone have updates from this time...ill open a ticket at some point but it seems like there has to be an easy fix for this.

    You will have to hit the downloads section and actually filter the Beta versions of the OS then load onto a flash as it wont populate within Rig Manager to least it didn't for me. Took about 15 mins to figure out.

    So I searched but theres some pretty old threads.

    Curious to hear how yall organize your rigs within the local library...obviously in my profiler they are just dumped in there.

    But would like to hear others organization tactics. As there is no correct or incorrect way. ..just to spark discussion.

    I start with a base of Organizing by Amp Manufactures. Then If I had a specific collection with many commercial amps I might just dump them in the commercial author. So I combine by looking something like this.

    - Boogie

    - Bogner

    - ChopTones

    - SinMix

    - STLTones

    ---- AndreWade

    - TopJimi

    The search function is fabulous as you then can specifically call up something quick but what do yall do?

    Then the Kicker what Ive been doing its Previewing my Top 5 presets from a particular amp And then I Dump Those into a

    - MK2C+

    - JP2C

    - Laney

    - VH4

    - Satan

    Hi folks. Any profile suggestions for a Tremonti type live tone?:?:

    Would also second the MT15 Option as he has used that amp in studio on last 3 projects.

    However live obviously he blends A Recto and Ubershall/Archon...if you snag an Uber you will be most likely 90% there. As that's what I go with.

    There is a youtube vid of him recently sound checking and cam is front center of his amps practically

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    Pure tone in your face!

    I am a kemper owner still with in about 2 solid weeks. Previous player of only Tube Stuff ie...Mesa Boogie Heads and Pre Amps and even their Power Amps, mostly geared towards high gain stuff.

    I am no expert but would comment the "FEEL" is there at like 90% it just depends on how the profile is setup as it was mentioned.

    Ive Also played Positive Grids Bias Software through Ipads and Desktops for the last 3-4 years and its at a point where the feel thing is pretty seamless between them all.

    Having hundreds of amps at your finger tips is the most satisfying thing for my own Nerdy Amp hoarding brain.

    As per your questions the Guys at Tone Junkie do an amazing job breaking down how things are designed and their response.

    2) Your correct as the nobs don't specifically act as an real amps Mids or Presence when tweaked.
    When moving the eq nobs imagine those ranges' moving up and down in just volume. So a set value basically.
    Alternatively You can set an Eq in the signal chain to further punch in specific spots if your looking for something particular.

    3) To Reference Tone Junkie again. Think of everything like this:
    When a profile is created, the funny noises its making...Its basically going to steal the WHOLE Signal Chains Soul from ground up. So completely silent up to where the signal chain ends. Any changes below those values the Kemper will know how to respond in a more "realistic" to tube sound. However If you dime the gain to a profile that's set at half gain, its not going to know how those frequencies react. Of course its going to attempt its best but your mileage may very.

    Reducing things you might have a more intact/pure Profile if you want to look at it that way. Ultimately it comes down to your preference on what your ears like to hear.

    For my experience...I will preview a profile and evaluate with out changing anything with in the first minute ill know if its close or what I want to hear... if its close I tweak the nobs to further emphasize what I want and call it a day. I haven't gotten to the point of getting nerdy with Eqs and boosts to further shape things just yet but at that point treat it like a true signal chain once your in a happy place...It maybe known to the veteran users that most profiles shouldn't need a lot of tweaking?...they can comment but again the beauty is you have a world of options to get what you want to hear.

    Things to consider that I did not consider in the very beginning. How are you going to be playing the kemper.

    I personally am still kinda stuck in the purest mindset but its cracking as I get used to these new things.
    I thought playing through a cab with a power amp would be the way to get that "real sound." But when using a real cab, the simulation option goes away... So from profile to profile there is a similar sound and vibe coming out of your cab thats not as extreme as you would find between a 1x12 to 4x12 profile. Which makes sense your just getting the preamp values as apposed to whole signal.
    If you listen through headphones or recording you get the whole beauty.

    So I made the change to get a Full Range Cabinet to operate through so I can get the full signal, that comes tomorrow so im excited.

    Well that escalated quickly...I went super nerd research mode and settled for a Laney LRT1X12.

    Which will evenly swap my 2x12 and Duncan PowerStage 170 for the same price! Sorry to drop off into the other end of the spectrum. Lolz

    Super cool, anyone else have options? The celestion looks to be the best of the best. The demo on hairy guitars sounded solid.

    $175 per is heafty but...get what you pay for. I'd like to fill my 2x12 in that range.

    Can I just look at any 12 inch that can get a freq response at least to 16k?

    I dropped an email to to see what I kinds of thoughts they have.

    Sup sup.

    I Wana touch upon making a FR within a cab...not the typical debate.

    Just past my second week as a Kemper owner here.

    So I'm supreme n00b but own the Stage and have been impressed so far.

    Smallest of back story but I'm a typical tube amp snob till the last few years. Positive grid bias blew my mind to be able to play through an iPad and I became obsessed with matched amp tones.

    Ima metal guy so have always had Boogies interms of tube amps and cabs live.

    I crossed over and had purchased Kemper Stage in mind to pair with a 1x12 or 2x12 and I'm running a Duncan PowerStage 170.

    Within the first day previewing DI profiles through my cab I caught onto the similar characteristics between profiles. (I have hundreds of commercial ones). Makes sense, as when monitoring through headphones the irs it's amazing.

    So now I'm researching the debate and likely hood of going FR to take advantage of actually hearing the Kempers Signal chain Souls sucking.

    I don't want to Shell out another 500-1000 for a speaker or something with credibility for the time being.

    *** Question is could I just drop FR Speakers into say a Harley Benton 2x12 and blingo use that for live monitoring and self playing to hear "true" profile??? Even tho my past has only been tube...i feel like I can omit that "in the room/stage" feel/sound, debate so don't worry I'm not asking that because that's preference.

    Wondering if it's a viable option because speakers are less than $100 usually. I know nothing about wiring ect I need some sort of driver? Can i run the power stage the same and just keep cab monitoring on in that scenario then?

    Has anyone done this? What should I consider???

    Thanks bunches if you read this far!!