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    So here we go...i went ahead and made it happen!!!
    Just hardly in time for the holidays...this is maybe the first resource you can use to find all profiler makers and their websites in one place!

    Enjoy browsing everything i could find thats available. I utilized the forum here, Facebook pages, Instagram Posts and compiled everything.

    If a website exists that has something to offer "commercial" or free you will find it in this list.
    It will direct you straight to the profilers offerings but also allows you to see a preview shot of their website and graphics before you go. I included this feature because it becomes tough to remember all the sites, so a quick preview to see whats there may help you navigate better.

    Initially this idea was met with a lack of interest but i hope as ya'll take a shot at it and look things over. I hope you can recognize the value i have provided. Plus most of us are gear nerds and why doesn't this exist by now?

    On top of that i hope to evolve this website with the community and make changes and the like as requests and suggestions come in.
    If i have fogotten you or you have a suggestion, correction or anything follow the contact links (if they are working) and lets do this together!

    This is really about helping the community and creating awareness of whats out there...and its alot... : )

    Thanks in advance for your attention!



    Hey man, thanks for putting some thought and effort into this. I'm not sure we need it 'though, 'cause we already have a thread in this subforum that brings all the commercial Profilers' names and links into one list:

    List of all commercial profiles

    If you say you "WON'T do" and you're "not interested" in profit, why would you even consider donations? I'm not trying to be a smart-arse; this contradiction just jumped out at me.

    Was not aware of the thread as seen here...located the link about 4 pages away.

    Had not thought about the contradiction ...just being honest. Never had plans for adds and sponsors ect. Dont even know how to get into that anyways.

    Ive seen music websites and the like allow their content downloadable for free. At the same time something at the bottom that if you choose to donate you click and it drops into a paypal or something.
    Just saying this to clarify my thoughts, but certainly its not a price for admission type of deal.

    Obviously id intended to put some thought into this, and its something that really doesn't warrant any value from a customer side...


    "Feel" would be pretty objective to each person....would you feel more inclined to pick a particular profiles someone says "feels natural" vs "feels real?"
    I would be interested in some sort of metadata field to replicate something like "feel" but it would have to detail something more specific...profilers to profile.
    What would you like to see....a feel category what types of terms would make sense?



    Edit 10-27-2020 Check Photos on the bottom to see some still interested in doing this. May just launch eventually.....?

    Heyyyyyyy Yallll

    So ive got a question and hoped this part of the forum it would be alright to hit a post here. Looking for the communities thoughts, guidance and opinions.....

    Ive got an itching to create a website of some sort that details a Collected source of anyone that makes profiles commercial or non Paid profiles?
    I envision a one stop place that lists out the profiles makers, the style of profiles (high gain/cleans/Covers all....ect)...a simple, PRETTY looking to the point list so to speak.
    In this place you can simply be directed right to their homepage, preview the home page off a single image and gain some context of the person/company/profiler. PS Not individual profiles or amps.

    What i need from you folks is firstly am i allowed to do this? Has it already been done, and/or failed?
    If so does this seem like something you think we would benefit from?

    What i WONT do:
    -- Im not looking to take away from this forum in any way.

    -- Im not interested in making some sort of profit from this (possibly one of those choose your own donation links in future?)
    -- Not looking to make a copy of rig exchange.

    I dont have 100% details worked out as i envision this to be a website thats open for suggestions and able to improve upon and all that jazz.

    The reason i feel compelled to do i will claim i'm NO expert but have ran through 40,000 some kemper files from a crap ton of commercial/third/free parties, you name it.

    On top of that i'm always hunting for something i havent heard or the newest thing. Probably like alot of us are anyways.
    I was thinking if there was one spot to reference whats out there, how cool would that be?

    I also enjoy helping folks and being a source of information or helping. So i have thoughts of a piece to the site able to make inquires on recommendations, where to start what to look at ect.

    Anyways ive spent a few hours recalling what i remember from HTML and tweaking an old website for a different subject to put some concepts together for you to see where im headed. Alot of place holders for information however the structure is pretty much there.

    Thanks for standing by if you still here reading... AND hit the Pics at the bottom for samples and toss me some thoughts!

    Pic 1 Sample of the Home page...bear in mind i didnt change every element but just showing placeholders for stuff.

    Pic 2 "the List page" Bread and butter of what its all about - again just a sample idea but the context of what it will look like.

    Pic 3 Sample of the website when Hovering on the thumbnail - to help jar you memory if you have been to the website or not.


    Just saw yalls instagram post yesterday and checked out what was there. Decided to pick up the Park because ive heard of its rarity.

    For a high gain guy the 12 profiles or so were very diverse and covered all angles so very well done!!

    Will comment that the profiles in this pack are above amazing. The clips speak for themselves and they are really killer.

    Some of the best Fortin33 Boosted tones ive come to enjoy out of this new BE! Well done sir!!

    IF i can put together some clips i shall do so for you.
    Snag this because youll get all the updates!

    Recall the previous BE2017 was short of what like 600 profiles?!!! Not that this will end up the same but such value in this!!!!!

    Sorry, no idea as I am working with the RigManager all the time when I am creating Performances and selecting profiles. On the computer screen it's way more overview in such a big pack as Bert's BE100 stuff.

    Yes, I see, I had a similar experience when I got the pack. But I anyway always put an EQ in the X effects slot with high and low cut. With Bert's BE100 profiles I'm cutting the highs at around 8,5khz or even a bit lower and the lows below 100hz. That cleans it up nicely and makes it ready for the sound guy. No fizz anymore 8)

    By the way with the next official release of the firmware Kemper will introduce the high/low cut as a standard in the Output section.

    Thats pretty much exactly what i have been doing..ill cut Lows 60-90 and Highs between 12-15k.

    Alot of times if there is still flub ill drop the 80Hz nob down a bit as well...even when im low cutting around there.