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  • hi Jimmy,

    Welcome to the Kemper Forums! And thank you for sharing this nicely done profile. Would you also send to my email? [email protected]


  • I would love a copy as well! Thanks very much in advance. email is [email protected]

    Thanks, Guy

  • Hi Jimmikatt,

    I'd love a copy of this great profile also. Be glad to send you some reimbursement for your time if needed. just let me know. thank you.

    [email protected]


  • Hi Jimmikatt, The more I go back and listen to your YouTube video with the Van Halen profile the better it sounds and your playing is spot on too! If you could share a copy of your profile that would be greatly appreciated. My email: [email protected]



    • No problem, i'll send it right away.

  • Hi.
    I’m Centaurus from the YouTube comments / the request for you to share that fantastic Van Halen profile. Thank you ever so much—

    my email: [email protected]

    If there’s anything you’d like ‘in exchange,’ let me know.


    • When i get home from work, i'll pass it along, I have never sent a profile before, as i only had this thing for 2 weeks now... lol

      I guess i need to hook it to my PC, and transfer it to my rig manager, and save it to my desktop, that way i'll have the file to send you.

    • Profile has been sent, check your email.

    • Thank you—I’m still working with it, as my initial results were not as expected. In my system, your profile sounded weak and thin, and I had to turn up the amp gain to 3:00 to get it closer to how you sounded in your video clip. But that has been how other profiles have responded, as well. I may have fixed some settings, though, and I hope my setup is now working as it should....

      Would you be interested in trying one of my EVH profiles? I wonder if mine would be two aggressive in your system. Weird stuff, digital. So many parameters. I wish there were a ‘Simple Version,’ where the defaults were already optimized. Somehow, I find I need to tweak and experiment just to get what everyone else seems to get right out of the box.

    • A i'm very new to Kemper, i wish i could help, but if you have any questions on how i run it..

      1 channel is driven by the power section of my tube, and the other channel is a direct send to my interface from the Kemper.

      They both sound very close to each other, but the tube amp seems to round off some of the sharp edges of the tone.

      1st question is, what are you listening on, headphones, guitar cabinet. ? I 1st started with headphones, and it sounded like shit.. every thing did.. lol.

    • I have a Discord channel, maybe we can chat there, and i can talk to you how i have my Kemper setup.

      Not sure what part of the world your at, but i'm in the US, central time zone.