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  • Hello Pic909. I just read an old comment of yours:

    "I profiled my Aura spectrum sometimes ago but the result, while very useable, tend to loose a part of the mojo so I decided to keep the pedal and I still use it live"

    I just spent an afternoon doing the same thing with exactly the same result (before reading your comment). In my opinion it does sound better, but it looses the ability to remove the piezo sound.

    Did you figure out why? Or did you maybe find a way to profile it better?

    • Hi silvioherrmann. Very interesting! I still use my Aura Spectrum in fact and never tried to profile it again since this post. I will have to retrieve those profiles I made to make some tests. I didn't analysed at the time what was missing in the profiles but I remember that I just felt them to be not as natural in the feel than the originals. I would REALLY like to find a way to perfectly profile the Aura. Please keep me post if you do!! :)

    • Hi Pick909, I wrote my experience in a new thread named: "Kemper and Acoustic Guitar (Piezo - IR - Aura etc.)" and there was a very interesting answer from yeky83. If he is right, it could be dificult to copy the Aura with the Kemper. Right now I put the Aura in the Kempers Effect Loop which works perfect. You can use the Kempers EQ and effects and you have the real Aura image. If I find out anything interesting, I'll let you know.

    • use the Aura the same way as you, in the fx loop of the Kemper. Will check this thread with interest! Thanks!

  • Hi, I'm looking at the Lattes myself. Do you have 1 or 2. What can you say about them?

    • I have one that I use with my retrofit Ambrosi power amp. Pros: Very transparent. No harshness. Solid construction. Looks cool! Cons: Not so easy to carry, even considering their relatively light weigh, because it's a cube. Resale value is not sure even if the quality is on par with others very high end FRFR speakers, because this companie is mostly well known by bass players who really like their bass amps..

    • Hey Pick909,

    • Sorry, but I haven't been on here for a while. Do you gig with the Latte? You said you have only 1 not2, correct?

    • Well, I mostly use a pair of Yamaha DXR10 because I like to monitor myself in stereo. But two lattes would sound great! I use the latte at rehearsal in a W-D-W setup and for some grab'n go smaller gigs or fun.