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  • Hey, do you still have the Touch OSC Template for KPA? Could you please share it with me via dropbox etc.

    Would be very nice.



  • Kchay, somedaygone - sorry for the delay, I'm a little confused by the social features on this website... I'm leaning toward keeping the KPA right now, at least until I know how the power amp/ foot controller/ hybrid cabinet options play out. I'll get in touch here if I decide to sell in the near future.

  • If you're still selling, would I be able to get some pictures of the actual unit for sale? Curious.

    • I also have references, if you need them. I just signed up here recently to try find a Kemper that someone may have needed to sell for unforseen circumstances etc.

  • Interested if you're still selling. If you're a Roland fan, I have a VG-99 and GK-3 I'm looking to get rid of.

  • Cool - I'll be here. (I may or may not be looking to sell by then, but we can cross that bridge if/when we get there.) Thanks!

  • No problem thanks ! I will contact you if I have a cash entry !

  • Thanks, Frandorg. But I was on the fence at $1600, and I'm actually leaning toward keeping it now. Definitely worth more than $1300 to me. Good luck!

  • Hello I'm willing to buy it for 1300$ + shipping if it's ok for you. I'm in Canada.

  • Hey Josh - yes I do. Are you interested? Where are you located?

  • Still have the Kemper for sale?