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  • Hi Greenblob, sorry to contact you on a years-old project, but I have a rack Kemper (non-power) and want to build my own amp for it. What specific kit did you use? and did it come with all the components? I'm fairly competent, I've build over 10 tube amps and several pedals, and work on motorcycles in my spare time, so I'm good with details.

    I know you went over the process in detail, and maybe you can't actually post the link the the kit, but you can try to contact me at jjbyron at [the most popular email service, starts with a G]

    I would really appreciate your help. There are a lot of 100W kits out there, but I'm worried they won't be loud enough. I need an amp that is loud enough to give me feedback and power a stage monitor, my kemper mostly goes to FOH. Thanks! Jeffrey Byron

  • I recently stumbled on your photos of your rig. Is it pretty lightweight? I'm trying to consolidate from a separate pedalboard and a pretty heavy 6u rack case