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  • Would you still happen to have the official Dave Mustaine presets? I'm very interested in them!

  • hy, do you actually use the afd 100 instead of the profiles as an amp?

    • I own an AFD, I'm hoping to do some more profiles in the near future. Just been incredibly busy.

  • I would like to try your SRV-profiles. Can you please PM me the password?

  • Hello. Would love to check your SRV profile. If you would be so kind as to give me the password, thanks.

  • Hi there! I'd love to try out those SRV profiles if you're cool with sharing them! Thanks...Grant

  • Hey, would love to try your SRV profiles....

  • Hallo caveman1, please can you send me the password to [email protected], I look for a nice SRV tone a long time, many thanks, Volker

  • hey caveman... All the people complaining about the "why password" can make their own if they don't like it. Being a beginner with the Kemper I really appreciate all you've done that I have noticed. Thank you and God bless.

  • if you're interested, I would purchase the full Metallica set of AXE II. I have the files, they are from FW 15.3, I believe. let me know if you'd be interested. That would be worth your time. alot of people want these for the Kemper