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  • Ex-working musician, played mostly bars for 20 years, did a few concerts in backup bands, some studio work. Greatest success was as a songwriter for "Dirty Dancing" and "The Five Heartbeats."

    After I turned 44, thought it was time to grow up and get a real job. So I did 17 years as a Pro Audio rep. Altho' I made decent money, in hindsight that decision was a colossal mistake, should've stayed in Music. True Success = do the thing you love and figure out how to get paid for it.

    Retired now, play and record for my own amusement. Have a decent stable of guitars and amps, a Kemper toaster of course and other recording gear. The hands are getting worse (arthritis) and I'm getting pretty low on "flow" but I'm still passionate for Music. Guess that's True Love.