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  • Hey, thanks for your review, unfortunately as a creator of the pack I’m not allowed to post in the thread, so I thought I’d just post here.
    If you find the profiles too gainy, please make sure to check your input settings (diet sense etc). You wanna set is so that the input led stays green and doesn’t go red when you hit hard.

    • Hi Lasse, thanks I will try it, I don’t play around with the default parameters of the Kemper much. I primarily use a Gibson Explorer with the 500t so pretty hot. For eq, I’ve been low passing fairly hard as the 500T very bright too. Forgot to mention I really love the secret sauce bass profile, it fits really well, I have an old 70’s Japanese bass (Fender copy) that if I crank up the gain a bit it fits perfectly in mix. Thanks for your suggestions I will post to the thread. Didn’t want to sound negative, just discuss the problems I had with certain profiles in my own setup.

    • That’s fair enough.
      Yeah, that 500T is bright and high output as fck, still a really cool pickup I think.