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  • Hello,

    Maybe you could help if I'm doing something wrong...

    I've just purchased sennheiser HD600 after I read at the forum that people are recommending it....

    I tried it and I feel the sound is not punchy enough... it feels a bit distant...

    I want to say that I have costum shop guitars by Fender and Gibson etc. I've purchased MBritt and Tone Junkie Profiles (and more). I had the chance to perform and I sounded amazing !

    I don't understand why I there is so much difference between the demos I hear on Youtube and what I hear through the KPA and it's the same profile I bought (again it sounds distant and maybe a bit dull)

    And Last thing....

    I've connected the KPA to my Scarlet 6i6 with SPDIF cable (expensive one...) and still I hear that the sound is a bit better when I plug the headphones straight to the KPA and on the Scarlet I hear it's not the same level...

    Thanks a lot in advance


    • About the Scarlet, I'm not familiar with how good (or bad) the headphone amp is in that interface. It might be that the headphone amp in the Kemper is a better quality.

      What I like about the HD600 is that they are very accurate and will let you hear everything a good set of studio monitors will let you hear. As for the profiles feeling "distant", perhaps the Space setting is too high, or too much reverb? I do not know.

    • can I send you some profiles and maybe you could tell me if I'm right ?