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  • Hey Freisegler,

    I'm a very happy new Kemper Stage owner as of a few months ago, which I'm running into an Apogee Element 88. You're the only person I've found on the forums who is also using an interface from the Apogee Element line.

    I was hoping to learn more about how you are using your Kemper and Element for reamping. It sounds like you are using the SPDIF in/out on the Kemper and the optical out/in on the Element. How has your experience been with that? Which converters are you using? Have you also tried analog reamping with the Kemper and Element?

    I'd be grateful to hear anything you can share!



  • Hey I just bought a Friedman ASM-12. I haven't even opened it yet and then I saw the Mission Gemeni 2 that has a head that you can get to house your Kemper too. It's almost double the Friedman, but it is a 2x12. You have any info on the Gemeni? Would it be better than the Friedman? Thanks