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  • Hi Rayosytruenos,

    For me the post boost of 12db is sufficient for solo's if it would be more the sound would be starting clipping (red flash in reverb dial) too much . I already have this with 12 db occasionally so I have the boost at 12 oclock max. usually less. It all depends how you dial in your sound. ( The pre boost is 20db). I really like the Flyrig 5 V2 it is a totally different beast than the first version which I also own. The Sansamp is voiced like their Blonde pedal, and the Plexi is also different than the V1 version.

    Hope this helps , Cheers !

  • Hello.

    I've seen your post about the FRFR 108.

    I'm very interested in the Fly Rig 5 V2.

    I have a V1 as spare for gigs. Always in the case.

    In the video I saw at YouTube it seems the booster didn't... Boost the volume a lot, when placed at the end of the chain. Could you tell me about this?

    Thank you!