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  • Hi NotScott. I also have 2 thiele cabs loaded with EVM 12S, but have not yet used it live. I prefer to use just one cab and find it a little mid-ranged, but have rolled the EQ back to compensate. Did you experience a mid-range peak using the cab? It's possible at a stage vol. it may not be an issue. Thanks, Bob

    • Bob, the Thiele cabs were designed primarily for the L. The S will sound a little more mid heavy due to the very low end being rolled off due to the parameter differences of the S. That being said, my S both are very strong in the 500-800 Hz range, but I like that sound. The Kemper EQ controls for the monitor out don't really operate in that particular band so I just goose the lows and presence to balance it all out.

    • NotScott, Actually I have 1 cab w an L and the other with an S. I agree either can be adjusted and rarely use both at the same time, I also prefer the S cab and adjusted accordingly. The gig went well and received kudos from the band and audience. For gigs I no longer am considering to add an hf Horn. The S Thiele works well and the smaller footprint is a bonus. Thanks Bob

    • Yep. My thought process as well. I am just using my 1x12 EV cabs and have no desire for an FRFR.