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  • Hello,

    did you notice any sound difference between Tc Bam 200 and Seymour Duncan 170 with Kone at flat settings... I also have Bam 200 with a Kemper Kone and I am really pleased with the quality and sound... Thanks

    • Hi, I helped with some graphs showing the frequency response of the BAM, and it can indeed sound as flat as a class D amp gets you. The trick is to lower the bass and the treble a bit, and crank the mids, the reason behind this is that the amp is made for Bass guitar, so the mids are really recessed to prevent the bass to sound wonky and nasal when played trough it. Look for the coments in the forum and I am sure you will find my graphs and my explaining. It is a cheaper alternative to the PS170, just with a tad more saturation (more overtones) and less trebly sound. I like it too if you wonder.

    • Thanks man, your flat settings with less Treble and Bass and boosting Mids was a great help for my sound. ?