is AxeFX ULTRA effects a good complement to my KEMPER?

  • Hi Dear Kemper mates!

    I am almost doing a trade of some things that i have for An AxeFX Ultra , to use its effects with My Kemper , nevertheless i am hesitant .

    At present i use my kemper with a Boss SE-70 Fx unit and a Zoom MS-70 CDR . I have heard that AxeFX have really great Reverb and Delay algorithms, thats why i got interested . Seller values its Axe in 1200 Euros , and i proposed a trade deal of a Focusrite Trakmaster pre amp, Art-DST 4 guitar pre amp, Rode NT1 microfone, Pod XT fully bundle expanded with POD FARM plugin and a ROGERLINN ADRENALINN . Not sure value wise if it will be my loss or his gain .

    I would listen to your opinions of the Ultra Fx as a complement to my kemper , and the respective trade value as i mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance .


  • Check out also TC-Electronics G-MAJOR...good quality efx module and much cheaper.

    I used a TC electronics G major II for two weeks but didn't like the delay's at all .
    I think the build in effects of the KPA are better
    Just my personal opinion. :)
    I have no experience with the AxeFX ultra effects so I can't give my opinion on that unit.

  • I own both a KPA and an Axe Ultra but I use them separately.

    I see from your original post that you use a couple of fx units with your Kemper so you clearly feel that the Kemper's fx are lacking in some way? Personally, I like the Kemper's fx and don't see the need to augment them but we all have different needs. The fx in the Ultra are top quality and it has many that the Kemper doesn't so, if you feel you need them, the Ultra will provide an excellent fx platform. You can use the KPA in the Ultra's loop and set up your fx chain using Axe Edit.

    As to value, it seems to me that 1200 Euro is at the top end of the price range for a used Ultra but it's not hugely overpriced.

  • As for the trade fairness, I guess that the most important thing would be if the stuff coming in is more useful-funny-practical-easy that what's leaving the house. The price is secondary IMO.
    As for coupling the Axe and the Profiler, on the document in my sig you'll find practical hints about how to use them together


  • The units can not be connected thru s/pdif. With analogue connections the results by running them at the same time disapointed me, soundqualitywise,
    On its own the Ultra is a nice complement to the KPA. Certain effects like the phaser,,flanger and all of the distortions and overdrives I prefer from the Ultra, Less tweaking involved to make those effects sound good.
    Getting something like a Mobius for the stereoloop of the KPA would add some nice variety, sounds very well and is a lot cheaper than an Ultra,

  • Jump on it!

    1) As a multiple effect unit, it's the best on the market for the money. Reverbs as good as Eventide to me.
    2) Routing is out of this world flexible
    3) Choose either Kemper as an IN/OUT in the ULTRA ( for maximum flexibility) or the other way around (AXE in LOOP fx of KPA) to hear it all in Headphones (ULTRA doesn't have headphones jack)
    4) Resale is easy-peasy on ONE unit versus multiple things you have lying around
    5) ULTRA will hold decent value as there is the Standard AXE below it and won't drop too much as long as the FXII is the top of the line, and will be for at least another year (just a guess)
    6) A guy named "fremen" made out of this world good presets (Banks A, B, C) for the ULTRA that make a few VERY usable. I profiled one and use it on my KPA.

    Any CONS?
    For me, having 2 instruments of such complexity (Kemper, ULTRA) will have you probably eventually just using the KPA over the AXE (because it's effects are good and we all get lazy)

    I had both, loved the setup with them, and only sold the ULTRA after the KPA added Pitch effects which is mostly why I wanted the ULTRA.

    If Kemper adds an Arpeggio to the KPA that will be the nail in the coffin for a super set of effects for me.

  • I have a KPA, an AxeFX Ultra & a VG-99. I also use Amplitube & Guitar Rig; Cool sounds abound- Part of the key is workflow; if you're a tweaker, then you can make almost any combo work if you have the time & patience. I find the KPA much faster to get a sound up that works for me. Since getting the KPA, I'm a little less interested in getting an AXE-FXII to replace the Ultra, especially now that KPA Performance Mode has been implemented. The secret sauce are the Kemper's effects which are really quite unique- great mod effects, etc-I LOVE the Strymon & Eventide stuff- a Timeline or an H9 in the KPA FX loop would work great

  • Hi Dear Kempers Mates who took their precious time to reply and advise, i send my regards and thank you so much .

    After reading carefully all posts and after doing some pragmatic judgement. I dont think getting the ULTRA , I love my Kemper , its easy to to use , and cant see me beating my head to using the Ultra complex editors , even so I find there are in the ultra some nice effects .

    In the future , i might put my eye on a Mobius or Tc Major , or an eventide thing . Less money and less trouble , and equal or superior quality, maybe less flexibility .

    Thanks to all :thumbup:

  • As you have a SE-70 you have many great delays and mod-fx already. I still have my SE-70 for the step flanger/phaser, the guitar-synth and the arpeggio-pitch-shifter.
    So in a nutshell: You already have all the bases covered, the SE-70 and the KPA offer many unusual an original effects on top of it. So basically you would get the Axe solely for the reverb. And for that purpose I'd rather look for a dedicated reverb device (Lexicon has some great offers, even greater if you look for used stuff). The KPA reverb is excellent as well, I wouldn't rule out using just that and save a lot of money.

    And if you want endless routing and modulation capability, just look for a used Eventide H3000.

  • I have had the Ultra, now use the Kemper, Axe-Fx II, an Eventide H8000-FW and Eventide H9 (from before I got the H8000). The Ultra certainly has good effects, but as far as reverbs go, and if you can live with one effect at a time in addition to those you have in the Kemper, you can get better reverbs and delays cheaper in the Eventide H9, IMHO.

    Once I got exposed to Eventide, most other reverbs sound inferior. For delays I can live with any including the Kemper. The H9 has incredible reverb and delay sounds in a low-cost (relative to what you get) package, IMHO. I also find it very easy to dial in either using the pedal buttons or the apps. I also find the H9 to be quieter than the Axe-Fx II but that may be due to my setup.

    Though if you prefer a rack format, then the H9 may not apply.