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    I would try djemass Mesa profiles for the resolution sounds. Andy timmons seems using mesa amp and cab in studio and live . Dont forget as well, andy timmons uses his own signature humbucker, that boosts a lot .

    Maybe the sound in electric gipsy , using a mesa boogie lonestar can put you on good track , as there is some Texas Boogie Grit on it .

    p.s. hehe after writing the above lines, i found this link of andy timmons Rig , in fact he uses mesa boogie lone star , hehe i was right, kemper helps in memory ! hehe .…ar-rig-gear-and-equipment

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    You should check it for auditioning this profile of mine . Great playing by Miguel Batalha !

    Thanks for commenting . I Believe that maybe direct amp profiles is best way to go ? My thing is to use merged cabinets i do have , that is why i was thinking that finding way to profile my pre amp with cabinet simulator on , and making merged profiles, when i would inside kemper change cabinet would be more accurate . Theres the poweramp variable missing in the cabinet simulator on my pre amp profiling . . .

    Hello all ! I have got a pre-amp i want to profile before selling it , i didnt yet profiled with the new firmware that can create merged profiles , my question is the following , i would like to profile my favorite pre-amp settings, is better to create direct out only ? or use my behringer DI, to create merged profiles using the cabinet simulation on pre-map, and then replace it with better cabs inside kemper ?

    If the advice will be to create merged profiles , what is the best way to do it ? using cabinet simulation on the pre-amp or doing it on the Behringer GI100 ULTRA-G that has guitar cabinet simulation .

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice .


    Dude, no offense, but better learn some anatomy before posting nonsense like this. ;)
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    @lonestargtr: I hope they gave you enough metamizole and butylscopolamide. Get well soon! ;)

    You are right , i aint no doctor , but my father died with a pancreatities and he had kidney stones at same time, but i missunderstood the origin, as it seems didnt came from the kidney , but yes from the biliar ( in my native language called vesicula ) . Sorry for confusing Kidney with the biliar , i am not english native spoken .

    Most important than my past observation that was technically inacurate , is that lonestar gets better and treats those stones, and keep bringing wonderfull profiles to kemper fellows . Cheers

    As for now, I'm just sitting at home waiting for a kidney stone to pass. I was at ER last night briefly while they tried to figure out why I was in so much pain. I don't recommend getting a kidney stone, but I'm glad I was in Nashville and not on the road somewhere.

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    Best wishes for that Health thing

    sorry for being off topic

    update - I might not be able to get the profiles done this week. Might be pushed back to next week depending on my friend's availability this week.

    I'll keep you guys posted.

    I plan on doing the profiles with a nice strat, Les Paul and a Colliings 335 type guitar and I won't be adding any post EQ or effects.

    take your time , and make sweet profiles when possible! we will love them for sure ! Find some sweet spot for the mikes combo , that is balanced , and go for it . cheers

    :D Great Captainbrew !!!!!

    do people know these amps are rare and difficult to get ? and they are modern takes of DUMBLE ?

    It made months i didnt write anything on forum . . it was your post , that made me to interrupt silence, hehe . Watching only a few replies on your proposal for profiling those beautifull amps ! I think comunity should love profiles of those lovelly amps . I think they are very difficult to find, so you are lucky man , specially the Bludotone Amps Hi-Plains Drifter, which is very expensive in real life, and has a very long list of wait time to get it.

    The Hi-Plains Drifter is a single-channel, 150-watt amplifier with spring reverb designed for the bluesy rock players of the SRV and Eric Johnson school. Bludotone's Brandon Montgomery describes the amp's tone as "going from a sparkly, spankin' clean to a medium roar overdrive, but still retaining the guitar's original tone. Even though the amp is 150 watts, it still produces those overdriven tones at a reasonable volume... it doesn't have to be loud, but it sure likes to be loud."

    So please bring some Great Blues Profiles !! a la SRV, Eric Johnson and Mayer Styles ! :D

    Two Rock Kimock head

    only 25 were made !! :D

    Steve and Bill recently teamed up to develop the Kimock Signature amplifier, an incredible tone machine that contains a mix of new, old, out of production, and custom components each individually chosen to produce the most toneful, responsive, articulate and musically inspiring Two-Rock amp to date. Only 25 units will be available due to parts scarcity.