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    Yeah, I placed the cabs on my stick in the shared folder, moved the stick to my KPA but they are not showing up or loading. I double checked my cabs on the kpa and they did not load.

    place the cabs inside a dir called cabs . When you plug the usb you should see the message Import . Browse the cabs, you can search all cabs in the browser of your rigs, but there is another icon that says something like browse presets cabs (ones you imported or the ones you saved before) . Be sure that the Usb stick has been formated properlly and that you insert the cabs dir inside the SHARED folder . It should be easy . theres some step you are missing , or your Usb stick turned mad .
    Hope it helps, otherwise message me .

    Cheers man

    Awesome I always loved your profiles ! and you keep bringing new sweet things !!! Lovelly profiles, full of caracter and sweetness , i always love old amps! Some Blues lead setting are always welcome , tone wise on the edge of the break , hehe . Thanks a lot for your contribution to the comunity ! i love your work , you and sirius latelly are doing top notch sharing ! :thumbup:

    Thanks a lot ! tried them already , and they are top notch . The clean one is so sweet , really warm and full of caracter! The Fuzz one turned really well too , if you put a treble booster and volume tone down on humbucker, its similar to cream kind sound . In my case i always prefer different tone setting on the amp instead of OD Boxes , But for sure many will find a use to them .
    Congrats Sirius, you are a golden Profiler ! always high quality work ! The comunity apreciates ! :thumbup:

    There's a rig tagged Fischers CAE100 Clean1 in the legacy factory rigs 2012 pack. And 3 others (OD1, OD2, Boost) in factory content 2.2.0. But it's the 100w version i assume ?! ?(

    Its the Custom Audio Amplifiers OD-100 those of the Fischers .…/custom-audio-amplifiers/ but not sure which version of it , there are two.

    On the Rig Exchange there are some of the PT50 and some of PT100 or OD100 . :thumbup:

    Thanks people for reminding 8o g us . These amps look to be sweet . need to try these profiles . :)

    Where can these free profiles be found» ? i looked on the website and nothing . and nothing as well on the rig exchange .

    thanks in advance! they seem to be great sounding !

    Man This Carlsbro really sings , just tried it on my KPA , and WOW !! I'm in love with the Ch1 Clean H, this one puts some fenders to shame ;)

    It will never clip or even distort in a bad way even at full gain, and that grain , wonderful on my strat , awesome personality :thumbup:

    Thx for the hard profiling work !!! Another 5 star rig, they come by the dozen at the moment

    Funny thing is that i spent one hour playing that same profile, and came now to forum to thank for the Carlsbro profiles , my favorite is as well Ch1 Clean H, even compared with many fender comercial profiles i bought , it sings with Strat variax ! a treble booster pre amp stack and a pure booster post amp stack , with a litle delay a matchbox reverb at taste . . wow !

    Thanks Oraakkeli , hopefully more of these will come . :D :thumbup:

    Yeah Great Jazz/fusion guitar playing there!! congrats!! 8o

    Wow Really Awesome !! Its really good looking and efficient . I am anxious to have it ! It will make life a lot easier to organizer our rigs ! Easy, fast and efficient. I really like the coments, pic and sound addons to each rig, they are great details to help choosing rigs in such big library we have now around . Regarding the image to upload , it needs to be cutted in special resolution pixel wise? or the software will fit any image to that rig space that acomodates the image ? regarding the sound player , will acept mp3 and wav?

    Excelente Trabalho !! Abraço !

    Cheers :thumbup:

    A search came up with nothing, but I know there are some profiles of WEM amps, cause I already have one, the d.i.
    These are great overlooked precursor to the Bluesbreaker and I,d sure like to have more, ESP. Done with a good historic Lester.

    I just added my updated profiles of WEM ER-15 amp to dropbox.
    Here's the link:
    You can download them as a zip file from top of dropbox page.

    Thanks. Yes 1963-65 would propably be close.
    BR. is bright version of the profile.

    THANKS A LOT!! Good taste you have! its a lovelly amp!! i love these old gems ! ;D :thumbup: